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FitFlop Shoes for Spring from Shoetique

It has been beautifully sunny the last two days.  If you glanced out your window and saw large expanses of blue sky you could easily be forgiven for thinking that spring has arrived.  The fact that the temperature remains a seriously chilly three degrees reminds me it has not.  That doesn’t though stop me dreaming of being able to put my big winter boots into storage and bring out the new gorgeous cream FitFlop shoes that I got sent a few weeks back ready to treat my feet when the better weather arrives.

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Fitflop Ballerina Wedges

Fitflop Ballerina WedgesAs much as I adore sky-scraper heels the reality is that they are massively impractical for anything other than lying on my chaise-long on whilst my minions peels me grapes….oh sorry that’s just one of my dreams this week, back to reality. 

Seriously though high-heels don’t mix with small children, school runs or mad dashes round Waitrose when you realise you’ve not got anything for tea.  In reality what works are flat ballet shoes or wedges.  So imagine my delight when I found that the clever team at Fitflop had combined two of my favourite shoe style and created ballerina wedges!

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