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Preparing Presents For Your Child’s Future

The passing down of a family heirloom can be a very special moment for any child: to have come of age and be seen as a responsible grown up person by their family is very exciting.

I inherited my grandma’s jewellery when she died, and whilst I didn’t like the style I had the metal melted down, the stones removed and it was used to make various pieces of jewellery that I now hold very dear to me.  When the time comes these will be gifted to Addison.

To be trusted with a possibly old, often expensive item signifies their importance to the family as an adult. As a parent, making the decision to bequeath an heirloom or an expensive gift to your child is a big responsibility, as you must factor in tradition – or the creation of it – as well as your child’s readiness for the item, and is a parenting issue that is not widely discussed anymore. For those who are wondering about preparing gifts for your child’s future, here’s a few considerations.

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