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Dieting around your kids a negative choice or just educating them on healthy eating?

For several years now I have been careful of what I eat.  My metabolism is very poor and I only have to glance at a cake for it to add 10lbs to my hips.  I don’t eat ready meals and cook every night from scratch.  Chips in the house are a rare occurrence and if we eat fast food its from a local Italian restaurant where they make the most amazing pizzas.

At home with Addy I am conscious of what I feed both of us in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We are both members of the local health club and Addy loves her sport doing at least three active sports sessions a week (she’d do more if she could!).  You’ll always find chocolate in the house but it is a treat and not to be eaten over and above fruit and yoghurts.

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Nothing like being kicked when you’re down

So as most of you know I have been poorly sick for nigh on two weeks now; what started off as a bit of a mild dose of flu with aches and a head cold progressed into full blown bronchitis and I’ve been working from home last week.

As the week went on things got progressively worse and finally I managed to get back into see my GP (it’s harder than breaking into the Pentagon believe me) to get some more tablets as the first lot were as useful as a chocolate fireguard. So my bronchitis is worse apparently which means stronger tablets, also going for a chest x-ray and then two lots of blood tests for white cell count and thyroid problems.

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