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Slimming Solutions TeaTox….will it get you beach body ready?

There’s the realisation that I am 37 this year and that means I am getting closer to the big 40.  On the plus side in recent months my waist and hips both measure less than my age so things are good on the ‘feel better about myself’ side of things.

The fact I’ve got holidays booked this year is a big incentive to keep on the health trail and despite time constraints as a single parent I am still managing to get up the gym and on the days I don’t bring out my fabulous Slendertone Abs machine which at least rids me of the guilt of not sweating for an hour in the gym.

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Bootea teatox the beginning of a new friendship


I am going to let you in on a little weight loss secret gem that I recently discovered and which has been a great addition to my new healthier lifestyle over the last month.

It’s not a miracle surgery, it’s not weird tablets, revolting meal replacement shakes, expensive beauty treatments or crazy diets.  All it is is a tea bag, a simple herbal tea bag from a company called Bootea.

Bootea Detox Tea

Bootea detox or ‘teatox’ as its known amongst the fans is packed full of traditional natural ingredients which help to aid weight loss and increase metabolism and general well being as part of a healthy lifestyle.  As the website says the Bootea daytime tea works to increase your metabolism, by doing so this helps your body convert food into energy to burn fat and calories whilst also suppressing your appetite.  When you’re watching the calories snacking can be a vicious little demon and this for me has been my biggest habit to curb but this has helped.

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