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Support WWF’s Earth Hour

uk mummy bloggerOur planet needs a bit of help, it’s getting pretty used and abused and is fed up of being treated like a doormat.  This Saturday 23rd March the WWF are asking people across the UK to support WWF’s Earth Hour by turning off our lights for one hourKevin McCloud EH promo and show the world and our children we care about the future of our planet, and the future of our children.   WWF’s Earth Hour is a unique annual phenomenon that focuses the world’s attention on our amazing planet, and how we need to protect it. At 8.30pm on 23 March hundreds of millions of people will turn off their lights for one hour, on the same night, all across the world in a huge, symbolic show of support.

You’ll be in good company if you join in: global landmarks switching off include Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the Empire State building, the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China.

To mark the occasion the WWF have joined up with Alistair McGowan, Kevin McCloud and Miranda Richardson to exclusively re-record the famous “Just so Stories” by Rudyard Kipling for you to download and listen to with your families during the hour.  There will also be a special on the night version of the recording which will be popped up on the Earth Hour Facebook page!  You can take a sneaky listen of a sample of the stories here >>

So let’s get back to basics this weekend, turn off the lights, put some candles on and listen to these classic stories for a really amazing cause.  If you’re feeling really adventurous why not have a go at this three course meal recipe set from chef Ken Hom is in support of WWF Earth Hour.  The theme of this year’s Earth Hour is ‘Do It In The Dark’, so Ken Hom has created recipes people can share over a candlelit dinner during the hour.

What to do while you’re sitting in darkness? Romantic candlelit dinners notwithstanding, put yourself on the Earth Hour map and let the rest of the UK know that you’re supporting this brilliant initiative.


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