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Super craft fun thanks to Viking Direct

A few weeks back Roo and I were invited by the team at Viking Direct to go wild and choose a selection of products from their craft activities range to have fun with and create mess.   Living in rented accommodation craft is even more scary so heaven knows why I agreed to this but it seemed a good idea at the time.  I miss our outdoor space and in hindsight wished we had an outside garden to have carried out part of our review in as my kitchen looked like a neon sahara by the time Roo had finished, but the mess aside a certain little monkey had a lot of fun with some amazing products.

Until I was asked to do this review I had no idea that Viking Direct carried such a huge range of kids art and craft materials.  With whole sections dedicated to a wide range of products whether you are looking for paint, paper, pens or more complicated items such as coloured sand, cellophane and craft kits they have a great selection and reasonable prices when compared to other online retailers such as Hobbycraft (which I think is always overpriced).

We opted to test out some of their metallic paints, which come in an excellent squeezy bottle, some neon play sand, feathers, sticky foam stickers, packs of gems and a huge tub of Berol pens which are still my favourite kids colouring pens as they are chunky and fantastic colours.  As you can see Roo dived straight into the array of craft goodies, painting, doodling, using the stickers (which are easy to peel for little hands) and she loved the pens.  The metallic paints were a big hit – the colours really caught the light and had a sheen to them and came in such beautiful colours.  We used them to create our own version of ‘Family Rules’ which hang proudly on our wall at the moment, and which we’ve both been pretty good at sticking too.

Viking Direct kids craft


The out and out favourite though has to have been the bottles of neon sand.  Straight away she wanted to create bottles of coloured sand like she had seen on our trip to California, then it turned to making sand art pictures using her imagination and PVA glue.  Whilst messy it was great to see her letting her creativity go wild and have such fun.  If you’re looking for more kids sand art activities then I highly recommend checking out a few boards on Pinterest.  All of the super craft goodies we got sent were of fantastic quality and we look forward to being able to take our sand outdoors and seeing what we can make on a bigger scale!

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