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Summer holiday fun with cardboard boxes

Tomorrow the kids go back to school.  Parents across the UK breathe a sigh of relief.  To all those out there give yourself a huge pat on the back and shout ‘I survived!’.  Feels good doesn’t it?

The six week summer holidays are a testing time.  Testing of your bank balance, testing of your patience, testing of your ability to juggle the fact you’re still working and childcare is bloody expensive and then testing your imagination. Trying to come up with at least three fun and original activities a week is hard.  Really hard.  It is also a time to enjoy seeing our kids kick back and relax.  It’s a time to take a few days off work and just enjoy those moments together because life passes by really quick and one day, they won’t want to spend their summer with you anymore.

enjoy summer holidays

Enjoy that time and make every moment count because before you blink it is gone.

It’s true that there is only so much imaginary play, creative play and trips out that one can cope with.  Personally, if I see the inside of a sweaty, germ ridden, down trodden soft play centre again it will be a moment too soon.  We headed to some great places over the summer holidays, utilised the British outdoors with the amazing sunny weather, had movie nights and stay-ups for a treat and even started a new hobby to keep little imaginations amused.

That said there were days when we ran out of ideas and on a rather grey rainy day a few weeks back my parents were on childcare duty and went back to basics.  Utilising nothing more than plain brown corrugated cardboard boxes, some marker pens, some teddies and imagination my dad and Addi went on a journey.  A journey creating a London bus, travelling to the big city for the day and seeing the sights.

The box was not a box it could go anywhere and take anyone where ever they wanted.  The bus rolled around the streets all day, it went for tea with the Queen, it took a plethora of cuddly toys to London zoo and for hours it occupied the mind of Addi and it was great to hear her delight when she showed me what she had made and told me the tales over a cup of a tea.




A cardboard box is so much more than a box. It can be a fort, a space rocket, a house, a castle, a puppet show, a car, a truck, an aeroplane there is no limit on what you can create.  If you are stuck for inspiration on what to do with your cardboard boxes and want to do something a little bit more run than just throw them out in the recycle check out these amazing Pinterest boards for ideas!

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