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Discover Flexible Working and Become A Stella & Dot Stylist

There’s many mums out there who would love to work but simply struggle to find a job that fits in around childcare and running a house.  I for one have felt this and have eventually given up my job as a marketer and then teaching assistant in the ever elusive quest to find a job that fitted around Roo and our lifestyle.

I am still trying to find one and realistically won’t be working until the end of 2013 when Roo will start school full time.  There are however, thanks to forward thinking and women focused companies like Stella & Dot some fantastic opportunities for mum’s to become working mum’s again and fit an amazing career into their busy lives.

For those of you who don’t know Stella & Dot is a website that sells beautiful fashion jewellery and accessories for women across the world.  What they also do though is through their Stella & Dot Stylist line is provide a fun, flexible, affordable and proven working from home opportunity for many mum’s across the globe.

So just how does it work if you want to be a Stella & Dot Stylist?

By parterning with design teams who work with brands like Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade and In Style the Stella & Dot team have created jewellery with style, quality and a great price (half the line is under £40, making it affordable for many women).

They have also created three different styles of selling to appeal to every personality type – even those shy mum’s like me who might not feel comfortable selling at parties.

  • TRUNK SHOWS: Our in-home Trunk Shows are the heart of the business. Just friends coming together to share style. Always casual, always fun.
  • ONE ON ONE: Simply wear the jewellery, be fawned over and sell jewellery on the spot.
  • ONLINE: You’ll love sharing ‘how to wear it’ videos on your mobile. Seasonal styles and easy ecommerce create repeat shopping and loyal lifetime customers.

Stella & Dot StylistsAnd lastly, they do everything for you. They train you, they motivate you, they set you up with an amazing website and they take the payments for products and send the order direct to the customer so you don’t have bundles of stock lying around the house.

I’ve looked at selling opportunities like this before and have always been put off; the idea of having a house full of women on a work night or weekend round to look at products whilst trying to keep Roo asleep would not fill me with glee. However, the ability to be able to sell online through a dedicated website and sell in my free time to friends I trust and can choose to showcase too would certainly entice me as a much more flexibility and real working opportunity that fits around my lifestyle.

I am actually intrigued enough to consider getting myself a franchise as I was sent some absolutely stunning Joyce Chandeliers sparkly silver filigree dangly earrings to look at which are part of their Christmas Lookbook feature. These earrings have over 400 cubic zirconia stones in, are well made, sat nicely on my ears without being heavy and sparkled beautifully.

A setup kit costs £169 and this includes sample jewellery for you to wear and sell to your friends and colleagues. You can also talk to a Stella & Dot Stylist before you get involved to find out what they make of the opportunity and if you wish check out a local Stella & Dot event to find out how it works.

In terms of setting up your own business this a really low-cost option to giving yourself flexibility, freedom, your own income and a chance to have fun with a great product. Their in house marketing team takes care of all the social things such as Facebook updates, style videos and online marketing so that you as the Stylist can do what you do best and that’s showcase the beautiful jewellery.

So if you’re wanting to go back to work but struggling to find a job that fits around your family, or you want to start a business but are worried about the hefty outlay and start up costs the Stella & Dot Stylist opportunity could be for you. You can work from as little as 5 hours a week right up to 40 hours a week when you want to or need to.

To find out more about you can launch your career as a stylist and empower yourself to a new level of freedom check out the Stella & Dot website and also connect with them on the social networks below:-


Disclaimer: in return for this review I was provided with a pair of earrings and a necklace in order to see the Stella & Dot collection for myself.  The views are my own and have in no way been influenced by the company.

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