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My first day as a stay at home mum

Well today was the start of a new journey for me.  This was my first full day as an official stay at home mum.  For some mums this may not seem like big or challenging news in the parenting stakes but for me it’s been a huge decision and one that I wasn’t sure I would actually be very good at.

Having spent the last year of my life completely retraining to be a teaching assistant and passing my course things with the job just weren’t what they had promised to be and I made the decision to stop going to work for at least the next year to be there for Roo as she starts pre-schools for 3 hours a week in the afternoon and help her through this massive transition in her little life as a toddler.

Secretly too I actually wonder if I can be good at this stay at home mum thing.  I get bored easily at home and sometimes struggle to think of a wide range of fun toddler activities to do with Roo at weekends but I’ve decided to give it a go and see what happens.  Keep days relaxed and laid back and let her choose what she would like to do some days.  Plus I am enlisting the help of local twitter buddies like @PetitMew to keep me company and sane with her son on outings!

Today went well – even with both of us suffering from jet lag from the Florida holiday.  We trekked round a packed supermarket with no tantrums, we’ve paid school teachers and police rescuers, watched Lady & The Tramp and had a fabulous tea where Roo even ate cucumber!

Tomorrow, I’m hoping we can go to the park if the weather is good and catch up with a friend and her new baby.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings in the stay at home mum stakes and if anyone has any tips to share to keep me sane and Roo entertained please feel free to share them 🙂

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