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Stationery that is too cool for school

With the average parent spending around £350 on back to school clothing, stationery and bags the cost can soon mount up. Thankfully though lots of high street retailers and supermarkets have in recent years got on the bandwagon of selling school uniform and school stationery at great prices so that you can try to make sure your wallet doesn’t collapse at the financial cost.  It’s funny but with summer holiday breaks and then the rush to get ready for back to school I reckon that August / September must be up there for one of the most financially draining times for parents.



Addi heads into year 1 this year and thankfully is still too young to have the pencil and stationery obsession that I still have; I don’t know what it is about a kitsch pretty notebook and pencils all lined up on the shelf but I am a sod for spending too much time and money in Paperchase and I still remember my dream of a kid growing up to have my own real stationery shop.  I love buying notebooks and putting them on my desk, not only do they make rather handy cup coasters for when I am blogging late in the night but they’re handy for jotting down article ideas and creating those ‘wish lists’ I love so much.

We were in Sainsbury’s at the weekend looking at their back to school stationery and bags and I was pretty impressed with their new range for the forthcoming new term.  They had everything covered from new pens, pencil cases, protractors (bloody hate those things) and some gorgeous folders that I kind of wish I had an excuse to buy them if only to make my work-area at home look pretty!

I did cave in and buy some of the pencils in a tin because we’re off to Devon shortly for our UK holiday and we always do lots of colouring whilst we are away as it’s a great way to pass the time if we have a rainy day indoors and I love the storage tin for these to make sure that the pencils don’t all get lost.


With prices on back to school stationery starting from £2.99 this leaves change in the wallet to treat ourselves to a delicious bag of those oaty raisin cookies we love from Sainsbury’s so much – perfect for an afternoon cuppa and some more wish list creating!

cosy cup of tea and vintage notebook

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