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Starting School Means Some Mummy Me Time

There’s a big red circle on the calendar in the kitchen downstairs, the bright red of the circle reminds me that this day is important, that I must not forget it.  That day is the 17th September.  This is the date when Roo starts reception at the local school in the village and I am absolutely bricking it about how the day will go.  Which one of us will crack first in the playground and how will I feel once my house is quiet and tidy in the afternoon and I no longer break my neck on Playmobil dinosaurs or scoot precariously on pullback racing cars.

I am approaching this date with trepidation, excitement, wonder and a little bit of relief.  It will have been three months since I gave up my job to be a stay at home mum with Roo and now that I will be getting my afternoons back I have decided that there are five things I will be doing with my newly found mummy me time.

  • Read a chapter of my book; I love reading it’s such an escape to delve into a good book and get lost.  So every afternoon with a cup of tea and maybe a slice of cake I will have time to devour one chapter of whatever book is currently filling up my Kindle.
  • Do my exercise earlier in the day.  With the dark nights soon to come I will make an effort to do either my 30 minute run or my 30 day shred video in the afternoon so that I am not finding excuses to wimp out later in the evening.
  • Call a friend and have a good catch up.  A friend has recently moved back to Stafford with her family and it would be lovely to catch up with her once or twice a week on the phone to see how they are doing any maybe arrange to go out.
  • Schedule more blogs – yay more blogs, more writing, more ramblings; I find writing good for the soul and always feel better once I’ve blogged about our current challenges.
  • Watch some bad TV; with Dynasty starting this Wednesday I will have the perfect opportunity to catch up on my Sky recordings now that Roo relinquishes control of the remote

So if you’re little ones have already gone back to school or if like me you’re waiting for them to head off in a few days time, how will you be spending your newly found and quite strange mummy me time once the house is quiet?  Someone did ask me if I felt a bit guilty about planning how I might spend some afternoons with my daughter at school, I raised a quizzical eyebrow at them and said erm nope…for once I might actually be able to go to the toilet in peace and have a cup of tea that isn’t stone cold.

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