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Spookily Good Halloween Costumes from Asda

Last weekend was Halloween and the lovely folks at George at Asda invited Addison and I to choose a costume from their amazing range of fancy dress costumes.  I love dressing up and Addy does too although she doesn’t choose the usual girly costumes and usually opts for something from a super hero section.

The range of Halloween costumes this year was immense and true to form amazing value for money.  No parent wants to spend a fortune on dressing up clothes and I don’t like to pay much more than £10 for an outfit in reality.  Addison surprisingly chose the Gothic Witch costume which she loved because apparently it made her look like a vampire (see I told you!).  I opted to embrace my dark side and go for the Fallen Angel costume.  You can pick up both costumes now at greatly reduced prices so if you’re looking to update the dressing up box then act fast to get a bargain.

Addison’s costume was brilliant, lots of detail with bats and gold roses and I loved the slightly sheer sleeves on the dress; very undead.  I ordered a size 7 – 8 which I was glad of as because like most fancy dress costumes it does come up a bit small.  As usual the fabrics are the itchy scratchy types that drive kids nuts and I wasn’t sure how long Addison would tolerate it for as we don’t usually have much success for longer than hour.

The costume was perfect timing for an amazing Halloween inspired party that some of the mum’s from Addison’s school had organised.  Unfortunately I didn’t go because it wasn’t my weekend on for access but Addison’s dad did a great job of getting her dressed up even painted her face to match the occasion.  As you can see our little gothic witch was not in the mood for selfies!


She clearly though loved the costume as Addison had an amazing time at the party, which from the photos I have seen was absolutely amazing.  The costume obviously looked really good because Addison was chosen in the Best Costume category on the day and loved getting a broom to go with her dress.

Hats off again to Asda for once again providing great kids Halloween dressing up costumes at fantastic prices – I haven’t worn my costume yet so I now need an excuse to go to a fancy dress party!


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