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Sofia The First Talking Magical Amulet

Sofia The First Talking Amulet Review

 Admittedly Roo isn’t a massive princess fan.  She’s not into Barbie or Moxie Girls and would rather play with Transformers but one show that she does love to watch on Disney Junior is Sofia The First.  So when we were asked to review the Sofia The First Talking Magical Amulet I couldn’t wait to show her this toy to go along with the TV series.

Unfortunately on the day I chose to do this review Miss Roo was in an uncooperative mood and refused to have her picture taken with the product or let me take photos of it so I will have to try and add these at a later date (the joys of reviewing with kids!).

If you haven’t seen Sofia The First on Disney Junior it’s a great cartoon all about a little girl who doesn’t know she’s a princess and finds herself suddenly living in the castle and learning how to be a princess.

Each episode features Sofia overcoming a challenge, problem or learning a lesson to help her become a  better princess:-

“With the help of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Sofia learns that looking like a princess isn’t all that hard but behaving like one must come from the heart. This young girl must learn that what makes a real princess is what’s on the inside including qualities such as kindness, generosity, loyalty, honesty and grace.”

One of Sofia’s most important possessions is her Amulet and  now your little Princess can wear Sofia’s enchanted Talking Magical Amulet and learn to be a princess just like her! The Amulet is  interactive and features the voice of Sofia. It brings Sofia’s world to life as she teaches little girls valuable princess lessons about kindness, manners and more.


Now as any parent knows interactive toys are either really, really good or pretty poor.  Thankfully though the Sofia The First Talking Magical Amulet falls into the really good category. The amulet comes with 12 collectible cards, each featuring a different lesson from Sofia. To unleash the magic simply insert a card into the amulet to hear each of the different lessons by pressing a button on the front.  To ensure that the cards you are not using don’t get lost or damaged a pretty carrying case is also included so that the cards do not get lost (thank you Disney for minimising the meltdown over lost cards!).

Sofia’s lessons are very ‘Disney’ and this toy is all about make believe reminding little girls that, “Princesses can do anything that Princes can do.” and that, “Good manners are always charming.”  Great lessons for little girls to remember in a fun way.


The cards are easy to insert into the amulet and Roo loved being able to do this herself and each card say something different.  To her this was pretty clever and kept her amused whilst she tried to work out how on earth this was possible.  If there was one negative it would be the necklace part of the amulet when it is open, as the two halves of the fastening clasp keep coming off. Once it’s fastened together, it’s fine and it opens really easily for little hands – but if your little one is one for putting things in their mouth or they may be playing this with other siblings you’d have to watch this aspect of the toy.  The pictures are the usual brilliant and super cute Disney illustrations and the toy doesn’t look cheap like some character toys.

Priced at £19.99 this isn’t a pocket money toy and is definitely something for birthdays or Christmas but it does exactly what it says on the box and is sure to delight any Disney princess fan.

Disclaimer: This is a review post. We were sent a Sofia The First Talking Magical Amulet for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own and this post cannot be reproduced without prior permission.  Interested in getting a review, competition or guest post for your product? Contact me Charlotte Everiss for details

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  1. Oh wow! Great product to review! My eldest, mia would love this!!
    She is like your girl too! Not interested in girly toys such as princesses etc! But she loves Sofia The First!!


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