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Social Media Blogger for Hire

freelance social media blogger

Writing and blogging in particular is something I love and what started as a hobby has become my job and one I love. When I am not blogging then I am available as social media consultant to come and work with you or help you set up your social media communications channels.

If you want to start up a business blog or venture into social media but just don’t have the time to implement a strategy or plan, or don’t know where to start then I can work with you in a number of ways.  I can design and create your blog, write your posts, promote your content across social media, train your staff on best practices, create a strategy for you and your business as well as create a calendar of engaging activity to ensure you have something to talk about for the next 3 months/6 months/year.

Some of my services include-

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Adwords Management
  • Blog Writing
  • Social Media Set up and Management
  • Freelance Article Writing
  • Consultancy Work
  • Facebook page design
  • Twitter page customisation
  • Logo Design
  • Blog Design
  • Website Design

I ghost write on behalf of a number of different companies, as well as running their social media accounts. I have done consultancy work for performance car manufacturers, boutique hotel chains, executive business coaches, mumpreneur businesses, life coaches, music and technology brands. Blogging and Social Media are my passion and I would be interested in working with companies remotely who might be looking to get into social media but don’t know how or have the time to get involved properly in this area, small start-ups who are looking to create an identity online and brands relating to parenting, kids and family.

My CV is available on request and you can contact me on email to see if I can help you with getting your business online.