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Smart Wheels Car Insurance #ad

I like to think I am a good driver as I’ve got older, I love to drive actually and find it therapeutic on long journeys when it is just me and my music or a good talking book.  That said this wasn’t always the case and like many young drivers today when I passed my test at 17 and got the keys to my first car (a Fiat Seicento in metallic blue with a blue tartan interior….yes really!) I thought I was the bees knees and would nip around with my mates like no tomorrow.

I thought I was invincible and untouchable but two accidents later, one involving a church in the centre of Lichfield on a Friday night and an intensive driver awareness course my car insurance began to get a little on the steep side.  Looking back, and this is the truth, I honestly wasn’t a bad driver. I was confident and assured behind the wheel and not phased.  The problem was the minute you put other people in the car with me I became distracted and this distraction began to make a dent in my pocket financially.

Luckily for me, my car insurance has stabilised now and the only good thing about getting over 35 is that my car insurance has decreased. Sadly though for young drivers this isn’t the case and many are now penalised with sky high policies for their first car or end up cutting corners like only opting for third party insurance.


There is though an alternative option available with the introduction of a clever system from More Than car insurance.  The Smart Wheels – telematics (black box) car insurance system can save young drivers up to £750 on their car insurance all thanks to a little black box that gets fitted to your car which measures just how smart and savvy you drive your four wheels.  It measures your driving style and the more ‘positive’ you drive and the better score you accumulate the more you get rewarded.  So if you keep to the speed limit and keep that heavy foot off the brake and use your gears to slow down (like we were taught in the good old days!) then you could get up to 10% of your premium back in the first year on top of the money already saved.


Bit of a no brainer in my book and I know that if Addison was at the point of learning to drive I’d actively encourage her to have something like to this make her more aware of her driving style and become a safer more conscientious motorist.  As well as Smart Wheels being a greay way to reduce the cost of your car insurance and ensuring that you are driving safely, it is also a great idea for young car drivers to help lower their motoring costs as well as helping them stay safe on our roads.


Driving these days is so expensive, especially when you are starting out so any way to reduce this cost is definitely something to consider and gives peace of mind to parents.

With no limitations on mileage and the chance to save money taking out a Smart Wheels telematics car insurance policy seems a smart move for the young drivers of today.


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