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Slimming Solutions TeaTox….will it get you beach body ready?

There’s the realisation that I am 37 this year and that means I am getting closer to the big 40.  On the plus side in recent months my waist and hips both measure less than my age so things are good on the ‘feel better about myself’ side of things.

The fact I’ve got holidays booked this year is a big incentive to keep on the health trail and despite time constraints as a single parent I am still managing to get up the gym and on the days I don’t bring out my fabulous Slendertone Abs machine which at least rids me of the guilt of not sweating for an hour in the gym.

There are though days when I wonder if it is all working and when I was approached by Slimming Solutions to review their 14 day teatox I was sceptical about what it would do to help keep me on the straight and narrow. After all I’d done the Bootea teatox earlier in the year and whilst I didn’t lose any weight I did lose bloating and slept better as a result of the night time tea. Not to be deterred I decided to give it another go to see if it would bring any added benefits. I must stress that this isn’t a food replacement or supplement it is simply a herbal tea – we all know that eating sensibly, drinking lots of water, proper sleep and exercise are the main ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


The Slimming Solutions Teatox pack contains 14 day and 14 evening tea blends and apparently drinking these will burn fat and aid weight loss. Queue raised eyebrow. We all know that doing ten sit ups a day won’t give you a washboard stomach and that losing weight takes discipline and commitment. However, would adding these to my exercise plan ‘improve’ my metabolism and help me lose weight?

The tea itself is a pleasure to drink. Most people think of teatox as revolting pungent herbal solutions but this isn’t the case and I would take my daytime tea to work with me and enjoy it at my desk over the course of the morning. Even using the same bag after two cups the flavour is still punchy and a little earthy but pleasant to drink. The evening tea contains the famous ingredients senna and liquorice – both are very strong in fragrance and if you’re not into herbal teas these will be difficult for you to stomach. On the plus side though this doesn’t cause the laxative effect you can get with some detox teas and generally on the nights I took it I slept very well and went to bed feeling full.

The tea is beautifully packaged in little sachets so you can easily take them out and about with you and because the packaging is light weight you can easily take them on holiday if you want to keep up your teatox whilst away.

Slimming Solutions TeaTox review

In all honesty in the 14 days I drank each of the detox teas I cannot say for certain that they assisted my weight loss. I already exercise 3 – 4 times a week for up to 2 hours and then do home workouts so this more than a tea bag contributes to any inch loss and toning I get each week.   However, what I can say is that on these teas I don’t suffer the horrendous bloating and distended stomach that plagues me most days, nor do I get the awful cramps that leave me doubled up in pain of a night. Sleep also comes easier to me and I wake up feeling refreshed and brighter when I take the night time tea.

Take a look at the photo below which on the right shows me before two weeks in the gym and on the Slimming Solutions TeaTox and the two on the right are about half way through and also wearing a size 14 swimming costume which fitted for the first time in months (without breathing in!)

weight loss teas and healthy eatingRight now the 14 day Slimming Solutions TeaTox is priced at £19.99 which is cheaper than other teatox options I have tried in the past. For a product that gets rid of toxins and acts as a cleanser for your digestive system I would certainly recommend this – as a stand-alone product for weight loss, well there is no magic cure that is down to you and your lifestyle changes and upping your activity levels and eating well.

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