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Slimavite Weight Loss Shakes – Week 1

I was very excited to be chosen as a Slimavite blogger to test out their Slimavite weight loss shakes and slimming regime recently, excited and nervous.

Nervous because I’ve tried meal replacement diets before and really struggled. The shakes have been awful, chalky, lumpy, bland and quite frankly wouldn’t fill up a fly let alone a working busy person.

The Slimavite plan promises to be different. Their website describes the diet plan attractively.

“Fed up with complicated diets and constantly counting calories? At Slimavite we’ve done the hard work for you. Suddenly, keeping track of your diet is easy as pie. Our delicious shakes leave you free to enjoy your favourite meals and treats. And all with the flexibility to fit around your busy life.”

Lots of words in there to entice busy mums like me; complicated, easy as pie, free to enjoy, treats, flexibility, busy life.

Could I have found a solution to losing the extra inches I am desperate to shift?

There was a slight delay in the shakes arriving due to a new batch being prepared with a different texture. So for the first two weeks I tried to adhere as closely as possible to the plan and the “bite” planner choosing meals from their pretty extensive range of familiar recipies such as spaghetti carbonara, thai prawn curry.

The meals are quick to prepare and easy to follow with the instructions. I like being able to print them off say for a weeks worth of dinners and put them in a folder which makes planning your dinners nice and easy and also helps with the weekly shopping list.

When the shakes did arrive I was impressed by the “shaker maker”; it was nice and lightweight and came with a clever whisking ball. The purpose of the whisking ball – to get rid of those dreaded slimming shake lumps that were oh so familiar on other meal replacement plans.

Mixing up the shakes is simple, it took me less than two minutes in the busy morning rush to make up the shake. The real bonus is that you by giving the shakes a really good mix up in the shaker maker you can give yourself a mini upper arm workout and tackle those dreaded bingo wings!

The texture of the shakes is really , creamy and frothy – they reminded me of angel delight with their texture and smell.

The taste isn’t overly sweet and out of the three flavours Vanilla Dream, Strawberry Desire and Heavenly Chocolate my favourite so far is the Vanilla one.  I am not massively keen on the chocolate one as for some reason this has a strange aftertaste which I find really manufactured and almost like the cheap chocolate you get in discount shops.

So the question you all want to know is have I lost any weight?

In three weeks of the diet, technically only one week on the shakes I haven’t lost any weight but I have lost inches. In total I’ve lost 2 inchess of my hips and 2 inches off my waist. I am trying to team the weight loss shakes with a new exercise routine but I’ve damaged my back at the moment and am struggling to walk let alone do my Zumba fitness in the living room, so hopefully the weight loss will come.

In the meantime, all the other mummy bloggers out there trying to lose weight and doing the Slimavite plan – good luck! My new motivation is that I’ve hung a gorgeous vintage black dress on my wardrobe which I want to get in for Christmas.

Every day I wake up and see the dress and every day I keep reminding myself of why I am doing the plan – for myself & for my future as a healthy, happy mum.

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