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Sleep….where for art thou sleep

I love my sleep but for nearly 8 months now my sleep has appeared to have gone on vacation.  In an effort to get back into a good sleep pattern  I invested in a new bed and mattress and have also been using some meditation sleep music and trying to write less at night and wind down earlier.  Some nights it is successful and other nights I can still be staring at the ceiling come 2am.  When you’re up at 6 and it’s midnight when you roll to bed it isn’t long before the after effects of lack of sleep take its toll and often I am short tempered and this makes for a bad combination when I am running around from work and juggling everything at home.

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And it seems that I am not alone in not being able to get a good night sleep as leading bed specialists Feather & Black have just undertaken a huge sleep study and shockingly at least a third of respondents in each UK region admitted to being bad sleepers, with the list of reasons preventing Brits from getting some much-needed slumber as varied as the regions they’re connected to. For example if like me you live in the Midlands it came out that noise is the biggest disruption to your sleep, and the men of Yorkshire are blaming their bad night sleep on their noisy partners!


With so many bizarre and diverse distractions keeping us sleepy heads awake into the wee small hours the team at Feather & Black have come up with a free guide on How to Sleep Better, which is packed full of advice, solutions, ideas and tips on how you and the kids (if you have them) can maximise your valuable shut eye.

If like me you have kids then I love the feature on helping your little ones get into a good sleep routine.  There’s some really valuable advice in here and whilst every child is different I totally agree with the whole setting a bedtime routine, creating a nice bedroom to be in and winding down with a warm bath, a bedtime story and a warm cup of milk.  We recently went through three weeks of horrendous bedtimes at home because of all the disruption going on and finally thanks to a star projector that puts the constellations on the ceiling, some soft music and some new bedtime stories we are back in a good routine.  Bedrooms should ultimately be sanctuaries and so trying to keep them tidy and not too busy is key to helping little ones drift off to the land of nod.

childrens-sleep-tipsAs for us grownups – well it seems we’re not paying enough attention to what our bodies REALLY need.  It is recommended that the average person needs 6 – 9 hours good quality sleep a night. Good sleep is as much about quantity as it is about quality, so it is important that each hour of sleep is as uninterrupted as possible.  More and more of us drink caffeine too late at night, spend too much time worrying about things (naturally) that are maybe outside of our control and we are a nation of gadget geeks with many of us taking our smartphones, tablets and laptops to bed which seriously hinder the brains ability to shut down and release the natural sleepy chemical melatonin.

So for all those Tweeters, Instagrammers and Facebook lovers PUT IT DOWN AN HOUR BEFORE BED!


As you would for your children invest in some gorgeous bed linen that makes you want to get between the sheets, dim the lighting or use soft lighting, open the windows and let some air into the room and most importantly if you can invest in a good bed and / or mattress as you really will notice a huge difference in your quality of sleep.

You can download the free Feather & Black How To Sleep Better guide direct from their website; all it takes is a click and you can read it with your caffeine free bed time cuppa so you have an excellent night sleep.  The guide covers lots of topics such as:-

  • Managing your children’s bedtime routines
  • The optimal hours of sleep per night.and how to get them
  • How to manage caffeine consumption habits
  • Essential oils to soothe body and mind
  • How to create the right bedroom environment
  • How to manage your social habits before bedtime, and much more…

Sleep tight!

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