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Skylanders Giants Homework Pack

skylanders giants reviewIt is a safe bet to say that one of the best games we have in our house is Skylanders Giants for the Wii.  Roo adores this and having completed the first game with Daddy E we moved onto the new release just before Christmas and loved it just as much. The concept of being able to put the various elemental characters onto a light up portal and watch them come to life on your TV is bound to capture kids and the game is fun to play with no sinister overtones – perfect for some family downtime.  So we were delighted to receive a fabulous Skylanders Homework Pack recently here at base camp which was packed full of Skylanders Giants goodies.Skylanders Giants

Straight away Roo’s eyes lit up at the Skylanders book bag; this shiny golden bag has now ousted her official school book bag from it’s peg and has taken pride of place on the school run.  The glee with which she ran into the playground the day it arrived squealing to her friends ‘look at my Skylanders on my bag’ and then describing each one to her friends and her teachers was one of those cute parenting moments.

Inside the Skylanders Giants book bag there were also lots of fabulous goodies including a homework diary, sticker chart with stickers, Skylanders stat cards and some gorgeous chunky coloured pencils for making lots of Skylanders pictures.  Now when I say a homework diary you might raise your eyes quizzically and wonder what homework a four and a half year old could possibly have.  Well, it wasn’t your normal homework this was learn with Skylanders 101 and mummy had to go along to class too.  Here’s what we learnt together to become Skylanders experts:-

  • Monday – we learned all about the history of Skylanders
  • Tuesday – Science – all the Skylanders are born from the elements – Fire, Water, Earth, Air and then Undead, Magic and Tech! (now you know)
  • Wednesday – Toy Types – the difference between a Giant, Ligghtcore and regular Skylanders
  • Thursday – Game Characters – this was proof at just how much Miss Roo knew about each of the characters and great for a bit of a brain workout
  • Friday – we had fun doing some Skylanders Giants craft and making our own out of plasticine

Then there was a special surprise in our pack that I saved for a surprise for Roo; an exclusive metallic Chop Chop Skylander that was given out to lucky people who attended Toy Fair 2013.  This shiny blue Chop Chop was greeted with shouts of ‘it’s legendary’ and lots of shrieking.  He was promptly deposited onto the Portal of Power and sent off on his adventures and has become her favourite Skylander of choice for new adventures.

Skylanders Giants Chop Chop

If you have Skylanders Giants fans in your house then you’ll also be excited (although your wallet might not be) to check out this video for the forthcoming Skylanders Swap Force.

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