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Setting Goals for the Future

Without meaning to sound like the intro to the brilliant Dr Ranj’s show on CBeebies I want to take a quick 30 seconds to wish all my friends and followers a happy and healthy 2013.  2012 will disappear with a puff of smoke tonight and I know only too many people who will be quite glad to kick it into touch as for some it’s not been the greatest year.  I want to encourage you though to go into tonight and tomorrow, the first day of 2013 with an open mind.  I am a big believer in setting goals – it’s how I plan my life to an extent and it gives me focus.

Don’t dwell on the bad points from 2012, look forward to a new year, a new start and new beginnings.  It may sound cliched but the only person that can change your circumstances is you.  If you are desperately unhappy in some element of your life then look at ways you can change it and put in place elements of the jigsaw until one by one the pieces fit and your new opportunity can present itself as a reality.

This year more than any other year I took the time to plan my vision board for 2013 and beyond.  This is something I did last year although not with the same vigour and I found a great website to help approach the year as a blank canvas and in fact take me through to the end of 2015.

If you visit the brilliant SusannahConway.com not only will you be able to find her fantastic PDF to help you believe that everything is possible in 2013 but you will also find a brilliant blog full of inspiration to help you get back into the blogging swing in 2013 or focus your writing.

I took a complete break over Christmas and was glad that I dad. I saw a lot of bloggers taking time out over the festive period and remembering that ultimately the reason many of us have started these blogs is because of our family;  I saw several continue to write and whilst I take my hat off to them for keeping their dedication going it was nice for me totally down tools and ignore emails until January 3rd.

I have set myself some big goals for 2013 around myself and my health.  Here are some that I am going to share with you:-

  • I am embarking on am amazing 1-2-1 coaching programme with the inspirational Sandra Roycroft-Davis of Thinking Slimmer to help curb my penchant for nibbling.  More on this to come but it’s like no other weight loss programme I’ve ever tried and having had success with the Slimpods in the past from Sandra I am keen to step it up a notch and try a new programme she has invited a selection of bloggers to be involved in.
  • I’ve decided to give up the booze for 30 days in January and possibly  beyond if I can keep it up longer.
  • I have decided I want to go back to freelance writing and am aiming to take the blog further in 2013 with a series of eBooks and eCourses to help other bloggers who maybe want to take their blogs further and become more focussed in their content and start making their blog work for them not the other way round.

These are just some of the goals I’ve set myself that I am sharing with the world – I’d love to know what you’ve set yourself for 2013 or if you haven’t got round to it yet what would you like to achieve?  Happy New Year to you all and I truly hope that you get all you wish and dream for in 2013.

4 thoughts on “Setting Goals for the Future

  1. I have never set goals for myself outside of work, largely because in a work environment I have never had the support to achieve my professional goals!

    I may take some time out to set myself some goals over the next few days!
    Mummy Glitzer recently posted..Rounding up 2012My Profile

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