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Scrumptious #stroopsmile creations

Anyone who knows me knows that I love coffee.  My Nespresso machine that was a gift when I got my first little pad this year has been much loved and has meant I can keep up my addiction of having good coffee at home.  The thing is there aren’t really any biscuits I like with my coffee that you can buy in the shops.  I like those lovely little biscuits you get in the hairdressers and did manage to find them recently in Tesco but they’ve stopped selling them much to my displeasure (but not my waistline’s).

However, last week the biscuit with coffee dilemma was solved thanks to an awesome delivery from Daelmans with their seriously amazing Stroopwafels.  No this isn’t a made up word there really is a biscuit called Stroopwafels and in the continent, particularly Holland they’re massive (typical Dutch they know a good thing when they taste it…bit like Grolsch beer).  These gorgeous golden wafer biscuits are a golden vanilla wafer that is delicately filled with a delicious caramel centre that when you place on top of your coffee goes all gooey and delicious, rather like snuggling in a warm soft blanket.

The box of goodies came and I love the little blue and white Dutch inspired collector tins – which will become something suitably cute in my kitchen once I have eaten my Stroopwafels (which isn’t taking long).

Daelmans Stroopwafle biscuits

I couldn’t wait to fire up my coffee machine and make a gorgeous Nespresso Lungo and treat myself to one of these biscuits.  Opening the packet you are hit with a gorgeous aroma of caramel and vanilla which hits you and your taste buds go wild and I was literally ripping the wrapper off to get into the biscuit.

The instructions advise laying your Stroopwafel on top of your coffee to soften the biscuit and unless the caramel happiness inside….and well instructions are there to be followed and so that’s what I did and my coffee was delicious and after just a few minutes soaking up the warmth the waffle biscuit softened and my mouth went on a taste journey that was absolutely out of this world.  After all this is a really simple biscuit but the ingredients used are of such a high quality that it makes it a real experience and for me at least I end up with a big #stroopsmile of happiness on my face.

It seems though that there is another person in my house that has become addicted to my Stroopwafels….Addy!  I gave her one with a hot milk and marshmallows before bed last week and the kid literally thought she’d gone to heaven when she bit into the biscuit.  Since then we decided to see what else worked well for using Stroopwafels and we found they make a darn good addition to one of pudding favourites Angel Delight.

If you crumble them up and mix them with your Angel Delight mix you get a really crunchy texture that brings this usually bland dessert to life with a bit of zing.  Then add another one in as your wafer topping, one of the giant ones if you can fit it in.  Addy then wanted to add on marshmallows and sprinkles and she was happy as a sandpiper with her #stroopsmile creation and grinned from ear to ear when I put her pudding in front of her.  Me being the typical big kid also indulged in one too and have to say that her creativity in the kitchen from our trip round the supermarket was pretty yummy.

Angel Delight with Stroopwafels

So if you had to create your very own Stroopwafel #Stroopsmile creation what would be on it?




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