Scrummy lunches with John West

The one thing I have noticed since going to work full time is just how insanely organised I have to be and that means finding quick and easy lunch solutions that will keep me going all day and particularly through the ever so familiar 3pm slump.

Breakfast is easy; a bowl of Shreddies and a bagel keeps me topped up till about eleven when I usually reach for an apple.  I’ve started swapping my coffee for herbal tea and water now and find that this keeps my stomach less bloated and helps my digestive system from feel stodged out.

Come one o’clock I am ready to tuck into my lunch and this last week I’ve been loving some of the new tuna lunch offerings from John West as they recently sent me their latest offerings which as you can see was a great selection!

John West Tuna

I love tuna and have found taking a packet of microwave rice or noodles or cous cous and a can of the John West Tuna Infusions is a quick, easy and filling lunch and really delicious.  So far I have loved the John West Steam Pots which you literally boil a kettle, pour water onto the cous cous to the fill line and steam for two minutes before adding your tuna filling.  The cous cous stays moist and is really tasty and not dry or bland.  Today I had the skinless boneless salmon with vegetable rice and the sardines were devoured yesterday.

John West Steam Pots Review

Each lunch has kept me full throughout the afternoon and stopped me reaching for chocolate or biscuits.  These quick and easy lunches have saved me valuable minutes in the morning which ultimately results in less stress and less shouting.  If you head over to the John West website at you can save £1 off some of their steam pots by filling in your details for a coupon.

Thank you John West for powering my lunch time and keeping my stress levels low – a perfect combination in any working mother’s book!

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