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School Admissions Judgement Day

So the deadline of 1st March is looming – it is actually ringed in red on the calendar in our house. Why? Because that’s the school admissions judgement day for us here in the West Midlands.

I applied back in January for our chosen school for Roo having seen three of the schools in the village last year. At the time the primary school had offered us a place for mornings in the reception class and I had gladly accepted this.

However, then the system changed and we had to jump through Local Authority hoops again as they had re-taken control of school admissions.

So after much more form filling, more justification as to why this was the best school, paper work was put in envelopes and posted.

So now I will sit here and wait with trepidation. Hoping that the fact I only put down one school won’t go against us. Hoping that the letter drops through the post on Thursday with good news.

Problem is….when it does that means I have to go and buy a school uniform for my little Roo who is clearly growing up too fast! Not sure I can conquer one emotional hurdle whilst crashing into another….oh bugger. Can someone come and hold my hand, please?

If you’re waiting for a letter how do you think you will react if you don’t get your first choice school? Any other mums out there also feeling a bit wobbly at their little one’s heading off to big school?

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