Schleich Ice Elves Review

Schleich Ice Elves ReviewReaders of the blog will know of Miss Roo’s love of her Schleich animals. Since she was about two she’s been gradually collecting various animals and if we’re out and about and pass a toy shop it usually results in a trip inside to find out what they’ve got and can she add to the collection.

However, we have never ventured down the path that is the fantasy characters for Schleich (although I’d have loved to as I do have a thing for fairies and elves finding them mystical) so I couldn’t have been happier when we were asked to review the Schleich Ice Elves Sleigh playset.


This is part of a new enchanted range that Schleich unveiled at Christmas in July and we were sent the enchantress and her ice cat to take on adventures.  Like all Schelich products the enchantress elf and her ice cat have a gorgeous sleigh that the enchantress looks all regal on as she rides across the frosted plains.  The sleigh can also be taken apart and played with in different ways. Schleich products are amazing when you look into the details of each of the products and they are worth their money for their detail and the imaginary play the products encourage.

From the snowflake printing on the reins to the glitter varnish that sparkles on the ice cats tail making it look mystical and magical it really is the small details that make the children really believe in the make believe word these characters come from and we’ve had hours of fun playing with these.  The enchantress herself has beautiful perfectly formed toes and legs, tiny elven ears and amazing embellishments on her dress, very much like what I remember Flower Fairies looking like when I grew up.

The Bayala range is fantastic for girls who are 5 upwards with an active imagination and a love of all things magical.

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