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This Should Not Happen to Children

Apparently we live in the modern world. Apparently we live in a civilised society.  Apparently we live in a world where children can be children and where we all have basic human rights.  This is though sadly not the case the world over, and I have been shocked to watch, read and listen to the atrocities against children during the recent uprisings in Syria.  As a mother it breaks my heart, to see other children watching their families killed around them, watching their brothers and sisters be tortured, watching the small belongings they have burnt to the ground.  I cannot say it loudly enough, this should not happen to children.

As the violence escalates, tens of thousands of children have been forced to flee their homes and try to find shelter, protection and safety from neighbouring countries.  These are children, they should never have to do this.  I cannot begin to imagine as a small child how you even begin to process the sights and sounds they will have seen and heard, and I have no doubt that far too many will have been deeply affected by the horrors they’ve experienced or witnessed.

Save The Children though are trying to make a difference and reach out to these children.  Their teams are on the ground in Jordan and Lebanon, helping to keep these children safe.  They are doing all they can by providing the basics the children need, like food and blankets, and proper emotional support.

The reality is thought that the numbers of refugee children are rising every day and their funds are limited.  They urgently need support and I know that many of the bloggers who read my blog and my tweets support Save The Children.  So please, please help to spread the word about the Save The Children Syria appeal.

The more of us that do it, the more likely someone is to see the message and donate.  Just £15 could provide blankets for children so they have somewhere warm to sleep at night.  These are things that we and our own children take for granted and such a simple gesture can mean so much and even save a life.

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