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Save Money with the MyFamilyClub FREE Family Pack!

best online shopping deals for parentsLet’s face it having a family isn’t cheap and with the rising cost of living going up faster than our own incomes many families across the UK are feeling the pinch.  It would be easy to rely on credit cards and overdrafts but in reality this just starts a spiral of debt that can be difficult to get out of.  Thankfully though the MyFamilyClub have come up with a fabulous free pack that is filled to bursting with money off vouchers, family discounts and even some sneaky pampering treats for mum’s.

The MyFamilyClub pack is FREE to register for and handily comes right through your letter box so no trips to the post office in the pouring rain and as well as receiving your pack (in approximately 3 weeks from when you register) you will also get access to the amazing selection of deals and offers that MyFamilyClub is famous for such as:-

  • Our exclusive dining club where kids eat free
  • Deals, discounts, freebies and best bargains on your weekly shop
  • The very best competitions to enter each week
  • E-books to help you boost your income from home and rustle up quick and healthy lunches for the family

The best thing about MyFamilyClub is that there is something in there for parents with kids of all ages.  With a primary aim to help parents save money, it is also FREE to use their website www.myfamilyclub.co.uk which is jam packed with editorials, features and ideas for budgeting, managing money and finding the best deals on the high street to turn you into a savvy shopper.  With a 1/4 of women falling into debt on maternity leave and with the average household debt in the UK escalating to a staggering £55K plus spending less than 2 minutes completing the easy peasy form could just be the smartest money saving decision you make this year.



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