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Sainsbury’s Halloween Costume Review

It’s funny but I’ve never been a massive fan of Halloween.  I got spooked as a kid, can’t watch scary movies and find the whole idea of dressing up and knocking on doors for sweets a bit of a contradiction in terms to everything we tell our kids not to do.  However, when you become a parent you kind of have to put your own insecurities aside and enter into the spirit of these commercial holidays for the sake of your kids.

This is the first year that Roo has shown an interest in Halloween and so when we were contacted by Sainsbury’s to review their Halloween costume range this year I thought I would give it a go.  Roo as you may know is somewhat obsessed with pirates.  For those of you who need a recap my brother has several tattoos, large sleeves of beautiful ink work.  He lives in London, previously by the River Thames and so Roo quickly thought he was a pirate and he’s been known as Pirate Edd since she was born.  So it came as no surprise when she opted to try out the pirate costume from the Sainsbury’s Halloween costume selection – which was pretty vast.

Sainsbury's halloween costumes for kidsOur item arrived and I had picked aged 3 – 5 for Roo.  The pirate dress was pretty made from red and black material with a pirate skull on, capped sleeves and a mock belt.  It comes with a rather cool pirate headband hat.  We ran into problems getting the costume on as even though Roo is only 4 the costume, although apparently suitable for up to aged 5 was tiny.  I mean really tiny.  Roo couldn’t even get the costume over her arms comfortably and we had to remove all under clothing (thus making the costume impractical to wear outside) to get it on and even then the velcro at the back wouldn’t do up properly.  The dress was then so short it only just covered her bottom and meant it really wasn’t much good for going out trick or treating in otherwise my child would have froze to death.

We then tried the hat.  Unfortunately this appears to have been made for children with miniscule heads.  No matter how I tried I couldn’t get it to fasten properly around Roo’s head in the right place and it lead to whingeing and moaning that I was taking too long.

The costume lasted all of five minutes as Roo complained it was tight, itchy and uncomfortable.  Unfortunately it’s not been worn since and didn’t make an appearance today as part of our dressing up for Halloween.  All in all this was a pretty disappointing product that had I paid the £10 for I would have been deeply disappointed.  Whilst I appreciate that these costumes are mass produced and designed as a quick fix, I don’t see why this should mean that they are poorly designed and impractical.  For the thousands of parents across the UK who have to buy this commercial produce for their kids it would be nice to actually get something worthy of the £10 price tag.

So sorry Sainsbury’s, whilst I love your food and your other kids clothing but I won’t be rushing for another novelty costume if this year’s product is anything to go by.


Disclaimer: I was provided with a Halloween costume for the purpose of this review.  This has not influenced my decision in any way and the views expressed above are my own.

4 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s Halloween Costume Review

  1. Thank you for reviewing this. I had looked at the costumes and decided against due to financial reasons, but this confirms my other thoughts that the sizing looked a bit iffy on a lot of the outfits. My little boy is also funny about itchy, uncomfortable clothing. Having said that I am usually a big fan of Sainsburys, so lets hope they review their stock for next year. I hate it when favourite stores let us down.

  2. I think that with costumes, you really have to try them on. Mini has a huge head, so none of the hats ever fit him. We had a Sainsburys costume last year and it is still in the dressing up box as it is well used.

    For me Halloween costumes are not that well made from any of the stores, but when you are only paying £10 what do you expect. My top tip is to wait for the sale and then pick them up at half the price, this is how we have a dressing up box filled with outfits!

    1. Thing is all her other Sainsbury’s clothing is 4 – 5 years so you’d assume that a 3 – 5 costume would be fine. Whilst I agree at £10 it’s not a lot to pay I’ve had cheaper costumes from pound shops that have been better in some respects than this. Love the sale tip 🙂

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