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Rites of Passage

It’s funny the things that spark a blog post.  I was talking today with one of the daddy bloggers on twitter about when is the right age for your kids to watch the first Star Wars movies and after throwing a few tweets back and forth we agreed that watching the first Star Wars movie is like a right of passage for kids.

What was funny is that Daddy E had decided last weekend that it was time for Miss Roo to watch the first of the new trilogy of Star Wars, the Phantom Menace.  Star Wars is one of those movies that kids have to watch.  We grew up with them and they were legendary films and still are good 30 years on.

So, with our kids today what counts as their rites of passage? What are those moments that make you realise your child or children are growing up?  Despite our wishes we can’t keep them as babies forever and they do inevitably grow up.  These are my rites of passage for Miss Roo, those moments that so far have marked a turning point in our nearly 5 years together.

  • The first time your child goes into their proper big bed.  This is a surefire sign that they’re getting confident and growing up.  The night Roo transferred from her cot bed to my old single bed had me sick with worry that she’d fall out and bump her head.  She did. Lots of times but nothing untoward came from it.
  • First trip to the movies.  Taking your child to see a wonderful movie on the big screen whilst seemingly nerve wracking, for me was absolutely amazing.  Roo sat there transfixed when we took her to the Brave premiere in the US and it will always be a memory for me.
  • Learning to ride their bike.  Roo has struggled with this last year.  The bike we bought her was too heavy.  Thankfully we’ve now got an amazing balance bike from Paul’s Yard and we’re just waiting for some better weather to get her out and on her new wheels.
  • First day at school.  All of a sudden your little one is out in the big wide world with influences you can’t control.

These are the moments that for me will be rites of passage for Roo as she grows up.  I’d love for you to share yours with me.

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