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Reviving winter skin with skin peels

There’s no doubt about it winter is hard on your skin.  Even the best beauty regimes can sometimes leave our skin looking lack lustre, dehydrated and instead of snow flakes falling on your face you may find its more skin flakes!  Our skin is a bit like an eco-system it doesn’t have the same texture all over and certain parts of your face dry out and become taught quicker than others in winter.

One beauty solution that is always popular for winter, and something that I have thought about treating myself to in recent years, is skin peels. Now like me you probably think skin peels are for celebrities but thanks to many experience high street cosmetic salons they are now within reach of many of us.

I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes in winter my skin looks dull and unloved and lets face it who doesn’t want younger, fresher skin? So this got me thinking maybe it’s time to think carefully about treating my wind battered skin to a skin peel this winter, and emerge into summer looking younger, with a more vibrant, fresh skin.

skin peels

After reading the web and doing some research talking to beauty pals it seems the big plus to skin peels is that they help your skin to shed its outer layer to reveal new, fresh skin below. There are also other benefits of skin peels if you are looking to target certain skin problems or concerns and they can be used on the face or the neck:-

  • Remedy accumulated sun damage.
  • Minimize the look of mild scar damage
  • Diminish the appearance of surface wrinkles
  • Improve blotchy, irregular skin colour areas
  • Eradicate stubborn blackheads and mild acne
  • Reduce oily skin

It is important to research what skin peel is most suitable for you and your skin and there are specialist skin clinics that can discuss the varying types of skin peels with you.  There are a variety of skin peels to choose, ranging from a refreshing glycolic skin peel which is a great anti-ageing peel, right through to a deeper TCAPeel to combat scars from acne.

There are various benefits you can expect to see from a skin peel including:-

  • Improved skin texture and firmness
  • Less visible fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin looks clearer and feels more purified
  • Dull skin gets a boost of brightness and clarity

All of the above lets face it as I approach 40 are a good thing and I’d love to have days where I reduce the make up I wear especially in summer and improving the condition of my skin would certainly give me the confidence to do that.  I’ve got some time off in a few weeks and may just treat my skin to a bit of TLC.

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