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Random Acts of Kindness


It’s funny but the sunshine the last few days visibly lifts the mood of people around you, for instance I am sitting outside now at my local Costa Coffee enjoying a lovely iced Americano and a goats cheese and beetroot sandwich and people are smiling, laughing, talking, sharing little jokes with strangers on tables.  The mood is pleasant, relaxed and the British population (of Lichfield) at least are clearly grateful for a good dose of Vitamin D.

It shouldn’t be a surprise though that the weather lifts peoples moods; it really isn’t rocket science to work that one out, after all getting a bit of sunshine and feeling good is the predominant reason why so many Brits flock to sunnier shores for their summer holidays each year.

Last night as I shopped in Tesco for a few bits for dinner as I planned to cook their delicious crab and pea risotto with lemon and basil the sunshine had clearly put me in a good mood and I found myself carrying out a random act of kindness.

I was queuing to pay and in front of me was a well dressed, respectable lady.  Clearly cooking a special meal for someone she had some delicious (expensive) items in her shopping basket including a bottle of Tattinger champagne (good choice and clearly a woman with taste).  Her shopping bill totalled about £70 and her and the cashier joked that it was an expensive date night.  At that point I remembered that in my wallet were some Tesco vouchers; £4 off and £6 off a shop.

Without trying to sound like I was stalking her and had been jealously going through the contents of her trolley I asked her if she would like my vouchers.  She turned round and looked at me, initially with a somewhat dumbfounded look on her face that someone would offer her £10 off her shopping.  I explained again that I had £10 worth of vouchers and that as I was going away I wouldn’t use them before they expired.

She beamed at me and thanked me profusely for offering them to her, apparently ‘no one ever does this sort of thing to her’.  I blushed, touched that I had made someone’s day with such a small gesture, a random act of kindness that to me cost me nothing to carry out and left me feeling full of good karma.


Is it really that hard for us to go out of our way, do something for someone else just because we can?  We shouldn’t have to rely on the sunshine to make us feel good and breakdown the barriers of communicating with those around us.  So go on get out there today and see if you can carry out a random act of kindness and trust me you’ll feel awesome when you do!

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