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What makes quality time together with your kids?

Well today of day 2 of my stay at home mum journey was supposed to be quite frankly epic.  I had said to Roo last night (and this was the big mistake), that today we would go to the park, play crazy golf, feed ducks, fish in the pond and eat cake.

To say our plans were scuppered this morning would be an understatement.  We awoke to grey skies and rumbles of thunder but I remained optimistic that we could get out before lunch to the park and do the things I had promised her.  How wrong I was.  By 10:20am the rain was sheeting down in stair rods, I couldn’t see to drive, the roads were flooding and Roo was upset in the back of the car.

So just what do you do when your day is a total washout?  Thanks to the ever inclement British “Summertime” I had to come up with a backup plan and fast.

Thankfully I diverted to my parents to dry us both off and grab a cup of tea in the warm.  A quick game of search and rescue with Woody and Buzz from Toy Story cheered Roo up and after another hour of persistent rain we attempted, this time with the grandparents in tow to hit the park.

No sooner had we arrived and got half way round the park, when the heavens opened again and we found the river in the park had burst it’s bank and we couldn’t actually access the bits of the park we needed unless we could build a boat out of oak trees first!  Seriously, I began to think this was some kind of major conspiracy to make my second day as a good stay at home mum a complete failure.

Roo bless her tried to go through the puddle in her Peppa Pig wellies and promptly watched water flood into her little boots and got wet socks.  She deserves 10/10 for perseverance at least!

Not to be outdone and get the award for most useless mum of the day I knew our local garden centre had a great soft play area that is FREE!  Now with only one wage coming in anything that is free is attractive, and I knew Roo would be happy here.  Throwing herself into the ball pit, down the slides, across the ropes and standing on the air blower.  Oh to be three and a half again as soft play looks awesome.

Lo and behold on arrival she jumped in with glee and played solidly for a full hour, before running out for a “food adventure” for lunch trying new jacket potato fillings of tuna mayonnaise, cheese & beans and tomatoes.  Back in then for another 30 minutes, before a walk round the fish tank section which nearly ended in me caving in and buying her a goldfish (must warn Daddy E).

Tonight she sat on the sofa with me, holding my hand and watching Lady & The Tramp.  She turned to me and said “mummy, I like our girly days so much.  It’s just you and me.”

This made up for not being able to do our Plan A together after all and made me realise it’s not about what you do together as a mother and daughter it’s just about being together that makes the day special and spending quality time together with your kids.

2 thoughts on “What makes quality time together with your kids?

  1. aww bless you, a good day was had in the end. Same happened to us today we got all ready to go to the park and feed the ducks, then there was a flash a rumble and the heavens opened. It passed but kept raining so we thought sod it and still went! lol x

  2. Glad you are having such a good time. I wish I got to spend more time at home with the boys. The time I do spend with them I try to fit in as much as I can but sometimes your right it’s just about being with them that counts. x

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