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Provocative clothing for children

I am either getting very old fashioned as I approach 35 or the world is far more liberal place for today’s pre-teens and teenagers. Certainly when I was growing up my local supermarket didn’t stock bras for 6 year old’s and I never remember Kylie Minogue wearing near pornographic costumes during her prime time Top of the Pops performances.

When did so much provocative clothing for children arrive?

So how come when I tuned into X-Factor last night I was greeted with one of today’s role models Rihanna prancing around on stage dressed as a naughty school girl and shoes with the words “F*** off” scrawled on them and doing more pouting than a Max Power model.

Now this is a prime time family show, pre 9pm and I think it is totally inappropriate that children and families are subjected to this blatant sexualisation. Furthermore, a trip to my local supermarket tonight had bras for 6 year olds on a buy one get one free promotion and there were some hideous fitted t-shirts with the slogan “I’m still learning” on the front of them.

Seriously, what normal, morally correct parent feels the need to dress their child up like a mini WAG and think it’s acceptable and appropriate?

It seems that I am not the only one who feels that it is up to parents to have a moral and social responsibility to guide and educate them on what to wear and when to wear it. A recent article by Dr Helen Wright, a headmistress in The Daily Mail went as far to say that parents who dress their girls in sexy outfits and wear excessive make up are unable to tell the difference between right and wrong.  The article goes on to say that parents who perpetuate the wearing of provocative clothing as “normal” are indulging their children to act out this fantasy world without realising the consequences to them and will often have been failed by the education system or grown up with no strong parental influence themselves.

I certainly cannot comment on her reasoning behind the statement but I know that as a young teenager and throughout my college years my parents guided me on what was acceptable to wear, what definitely was a no-no and items that if bought into the house would have resulted in a permanent residence in a convent!

That’s not to say I didn’t push the boundaries and get changed on the bus on the way to a club or take a spare outfit in the back of a car to change at a friends, of course I did – but these were one night only outfits and I would never have considered it normal to wear them to college or a family dinner!

Walking down the street with Addison some days I am shocked at what I see other kids around her age wearing; knee length boots with heels, tight fitted vest tops adorned with cutesy slogans and most recently I saw a five year old in Selfridges wearing leather shorts, fish net tights, biker boots and a fur jacket.

Seriously, parents get a grip on yourselves!  The world is a scary and cruel place don’t subject your children to things that they don’t need to be aware of at this early age.

Just let them be kids, if you set boundaries for them they will love you just as much as probably respect you more for it in the long term.

3 thoughts on “Provocative clothing for children

  1. Totally agree with you there!! I thinks kids, girls in particular want to grow up too soon. I remember trying make up and wearing my mums heels but that was in the privacy of our home. I would never be let out looking like that!
    I have had rows with my now 18 year old daughter about wearing make up to school and dying her hair. I wouldn’t let her do either.
    I have been lucky with her clothing wise although some of her going out outfits are very erm small! I can’t say anything now as she is an adult!

    1. I think you’re right about once they become adults it’s really difficult to regulate and police what your kids wear but when they are children it is up to the parents to show responsibility on what is acceptable.

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