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Project 365 My 2013 Task

Last year I saw several bloggers taking part in a photography project entitled Project 365.  Now I am certainly no photographer, but it’s funny when you have kids you never seem to stop taking photos and with the technological world we live in today it’s as easy as child’s play to snap photos and video on your mobile phones of a pretty decent quality.  The aim of Project 365 is quite simply to take a photograph every day and post it either to your blog or other social networks.  At the end of the year you will then have a photo collage to look back on of the entire year.

Today is slightly cheating in terms of when I took the photograph.  It was actually taken nearly ten years ago on the day I got married.  Why have I chosen to use this photo?  Well this year I will have been married for ten years; this year hubby and I hope to be able to renew our wedding vows or celebrate this milestone in some way.  I remember being blissfully happy on this day; our wedding was truly amazing with nearly 200 people invited to the event at a beautiful country house hotel.  The weather was scorching and even today people talk about the event with such fondness.  I love this photo as it was one of the rare moments that hubby and I got to spend on our own during the day – it also acts as a reminder for me for my Thinking Slimmer Challenge that I am embarking upon this year.  I love the way I look in this picture and would dearly love to be back to a size 12 / 14 again by the summer months and will be using this photo as my inspiration to keep me going through the next 364 days.

wedding august 2003

If you are joining in Project 365 let me know and post your links below so I can come along and take a look at your photos.


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