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Preparing Presents For Your Child’s Future

The passing down of a family heirloom can be a very special moment for any child: to have come of age and be seen as a responsible grown up person by their family is very exciting.

I inherited my grandma’s jewellery when she died, and whilst I didn’t like the style I had the metal melted down, the stones removed and it was used to make various pieces of jewellery that I now hold very dear to me.  When the time comes these will be gifted to Addison.

To be trusted with a possibly old, often expensive item signifies their importance to the family as an adult. As a parent, making the decision to bequeath an heirloom or an expensive gift to your child is a big responsibility, as you must factor in tradition – or the creation of it – as well as your child’s readiness for the item, and is a parenting issue that is not widely discussed anymore. For those who are wondering about preparing gifts for your child’s future, here’s a few considerations.

What to Gift

It may be a case that you already have a family heirloom (or several) to pass down to your children, or that you instead want to create an heirloom, for which Market Cross Jewellers can help. Fine jewellery, such as precious stone rings make beautiful heirlooms – deceased family members’ engagement rings can be passed down and accumulate great significance if they are used in future weddings. Alternatively, signet rings are a great gender-neutral option, and can be engraved with a family crest, initials, or perhaps just the family name. Bracelets and necklaces can be a nice, subtle alternative to a signet ring, and are perhaps a more modern option. Another option is to invest in a luxury wristwatch, which come in a variety of timeless designs, and can be engraved to personalise them like a signet.


When to Present

As all parents know, every child is different and unique. As such, it is important that you take your child’s individual attributes into consideration for bequeathing an expensive gift. It is worth planning this a few years in advance, so you can better make these plans. Traditionally, milestone birthdays are used for passing on heirlooms, signifying that they have come of age and their family role has changed – 18th or 21st birthdays are ideal milestones for these. Alternatively, you could save the gift for another significant life event, such as a wedding or the birth of their first child, signifying their place in the union of two families. Be sure to record how and when it was passed on, establishing a sense of history for your children to do the same.

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