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Playground Disasters and Bumped Knees Just Another Typical School Day

Roo has settled into school really well, every day she looks forward to going and we have our little routine now of taking it slowly in the morning with a bit of free play, a snack at 11am and then out the door for just after 12 noon.  During the day the kids get some free time in the playground to burn off their energy and this week they’ve been jumping in puddles (thank heavens for the wet weather gear the school has) and painting autumn leaves.  Yesterday though Roo had her first playground disaster.

Now I know these are going to happen, and I am not picking faults with anything that the school did.  Roo was tidying all the wellington boots away because apparently the “messy fairy” had mixed them all up and made a terrible mess.  When she slipped on the damp concrete and went knees first onto the ground.

As a result she ended up with two really nasty grazes on her knees and hands.  Luckily the teachers acted quickly and it was straight to the medical room where she was patched up with cold compresses, thankfully school had the common sense not to put plasters on the wounds as they took up the whole of her knees.

So out from school she limped last night with Nanmar looking rather forlorn with her badly scraped knees, she was however full of beans to tell me she had been very brave and didn’t need any plasters.  It seemed a slice of fruit loaf made everything better and it just so happened I had got her some new Silver Sense pyjamas which are made with real silver fibre in which is proven to heal skin, to wear last night, so she was quite happy to snuggle up on the sofa in these as I told her they were magic pyjamas.

This morning the bumped knees still look a bit sore and I was wondering what I could put on them to help them heal over as I don’t want to use plasters.  Anyone got any suggestions?

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  1. Maybe a bit of Savlon? Although to be honest children’s wounds generally heal up just as well on their own. At least she wasn’t upset about the incident.
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