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Playground Bumps Healed with Silver Sense Pyjamas

A few weeks back I blogged about playground bumps and bruises and how Roo since starting school is always in the wars and I had to stock up the plasters and cream to heal her war wounds.  Well, I have found something that worked better than this when I recently bought a pair of Silver Sense pyjamas for Roo and thanks to the clever technology Roo’s grazed knees were healed over in just a few days.

Erica Rocks Magenta Pyjamas from Silver SenseYes, you did that right a pair of pyjamas healed her knees.  Not just any pyjamas though.  Silver Sense is a range of baby and children’s clothing that has been specially designed and made here in the UK and contains real silver fibres that are naturally antibacterial and help to soothe and protect skin.

So whether you have a child that suffers with eczema or skin dermatitis, or like me a child that seems to take great pleasure in scraping her knees these clever silver fibres work by releasing a natural healing antibiotic (silver is one of natures purest medicines) into the skin it comes into contact with and helps to heal, soothe and protect.  The pyjamas themselves are beautifully made, sizing is spot on and I love a lot of the clever features such as wide neck openings, minimal seams and no washing tags inside the clothing.  Roo has a thing about labels in clothing annoying her so it was lovely that there are none for me to keep cutting out!

The range of Silver Sense clothing is clever stuff.  Every piece of their baby and children’s clothing is made from cotton rich knitted fabrics which are blended with natural fibres of 99.9% pure silver that are manufactured by the medical textiles company X-Static. The therapeutic antimicrobial properties of these silver fibres can help ease the itchiness of eczema and other skin conditions and soothe broken and irritated skin.  In fact all of their clothes have at least 4% silver in them and because of this they are effective at combating the effects of eczema and other skin conditions as well as offering general protection thanks to the antibacterial properties in silver naturally.

Roo’s knees were in a pretty bad way, she’d taken the skin off them and I was expecting the usual scabbing over, weeping wounds and messy healing process as your knees are always moving and so the skin takes a while to grow back.  This couldn’t have been further from the truth.

The picture here shows the knees healing after 2 days of wearing the pyjamas over a weekend.  In the space of a week and wearing the pyjamas every night (bar one when I had to turn them round in 24 hours due to Miss Roo’s demands!) the skin had begun to heal over and new pink healthy skin growing back.  We had no scabs, no weeping wounds, no horrible episodes of picking knees to contend with just nice new kneecaps in 7 days and a happy child as no plasters required which meant no ripping them off at bath time haha!

I am completely amazed at how effective this technology is in the Silver Sense pyjamas but one read of their case studies page and their blog will show you that there is real proof behind the science.  Their range of clothing covers newborn babies right up to children 8 years of age and they’ve just launched a fantastic new bedding range for kids which means that children can sleep protected by the antibacterial and soothing properties of silver in their sleep from dusk till dawn.  This is great for those parents who’s kids may suffer particularly badly at night with the itching effects of eczema and skin problems.

Silver Sense clothing is an exclusive clothing range that is designed with the rare combination of healing and style in mind. The result is a collection which features the coolest cuts in baby and children’s wear essentials, all stitched from super snuggly fabric. The range is designed by Sarah Davies and every item is lovingly made in Nottinghamshire so it’s great to support a British retailer as well instead of buying cheap baby clothing made overseas.  So if you want to protect your kids during the day and at night this is a brilliant range of clothing that is durable and well made.

You can see the full range of baby and children’s wear on the Silver Sense website and also follow them on twitter and facebook for their latest offers.

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