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Peace of mind with Petplan Pet Insurance

When we got Patch a year ago I don’t think I fully appreciated just how much of a change to our life he would make.  When people say that their pets, and in our case a dog, are like part of the family they aren’t lying.  Patch is always there at the end of a long day with his waggy tail, doggy hugs and excited kisses and he feels everything we feel and is much more than just a pet. 

That’s why it was a no brainer to take out pet insurance for him because should the worst ever happen I want to be able to take as good care of him and after doing a comparison on insurance policies online Petplan pet insurance gave me the best level of cover for my budget.  

Pet insurance goes hand in hand with being a responsible pet owner, and gives you peace of mind knowing your pet is protected and there are so many additional benefits now such as cover if I am out walking Patch and he goes missing, or if Jack our dog walker from Weekly Walker has an accident with him.  In the scheme of things it costs me no more than three good bottles of wine a month.  

What is also great about the Petplan policy we have for Patch is that you can also get access to the Panasonic Pet Monitoring Kit which allows pet owners to play ‘big brother’ on their pets when they are out and about.  With the kits indoor camera you can watch their antics when you leave for a few hours, and make sure they’re not trashing your sofa, and thanks to the handy Smart Plug you can connect a lamp, or radio to it so that your pet can have a welcoming light when it gets dark or some music to keep them company during the day.  

If like me you have a dog walker who comes in during the day the smart door sensor means you can get an alert as to when your front door is activated.  It’s all very clever stuff and a great piece of intelligent living that integrates seamlessly with your smartphone, is all controlled via an intuitive app and managed by one central Smart Hub that acts like the brains of the operation.

The indoor camera can be set to record when movement in a room is detected and this is great for me as sometimes Patch is left loose in the lounge when I pop out and it is handy being able to check in on him, particularly if I have been out for a few hours and I can see if I need to get back to him for a walk or bathroom break!  All recordings are stored on a micro SD card and you can view the recordings via the app and download them to your phone to share your pets’ highlights (or lowlights!) with friends and family or on social media.

The Smart Plug will also be handy in the summer because if we have a heatwave I can connect it up to my portable fan and make sure Patch is kept cool on hot days.  Also for me personally I like the fact that when I come home after work there is a light on already in the house giving the illusion that there is someone home – so great from a security point of view. 

The system was so easy to set up and register with my phone and the fact that I can keep an eye on the furry monkey when I am out is a bonus now, because although he’s not left for long periods of time it is just nice to be able to see he’s ok…although the time I turned on the camera to find him peeing up the curtains was not met with glee!!

Pets are part of the family and it is natural that a pet owner will worry about them when they’re not at home with them and the Panasonic Pet Monitoring Kit from Petplan Pet Insurance at least alleviates that worry.

*Whilst this post has been possible thanks to Petplan, all the thoughts and opinions are my own.


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