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Pesky Pirates Board Game Review

I am not sure how it started but Roo is just ever so slightly obsessed with pirates.  It’s a strange thing for a girl to be into, but it stems from the fact that my brother (Roo’s Uncle) lives in London, near the The Thames, has a beard, and lots of tattoos so kind of looks like a pirate (no offence Uncle Edd).

From  the first time they met he was known as Pirate Edd and his wife is affectionately know as Shipmate Jade and they have Sea Pugs called Gianni and Elliot.  Can you tell my family is a little bit off the wall yet.

The obsession with pirates has lead to various games of plundering and being a bucanner at home and when in Legoland in Florida we took Roo along to see the show Battle of Brickbeard’s Bounty where she got to get a full pirate outfit and has enjoyed wearing this since we came home.

So I knew that she would enjoy reviewing the new Pesky Pirates Board Game from Chimp & Zee (see what they did their mum’s clever eh!).  In a nutshell Pesky Pirates is a fun educational board game designed to get children counting.

The key elements of the board game are:-

  • An exciting adventure as players (pirates) move their pirates round the island game board
  • Pirates must try to avoid spinning the ships wheel and landing on Jolly Roger or Polly Parrot.  If you do there’s a price to pay
  • Each time you land on a gold coin you can put it in your treasure chest
  • Easy to set up, the game can be started very quickly and each game lasts about 10 – 15 minutes
  • For 2 to 4 players and is aimed at children aged 3 – 5

Just like the box said it is incredibly easy to set up.  I liked the jigsaw style board to piece together and it was compact and well made.  The carboard cut out pirates are sturdy, nice and colourful and easy for children to put in their holders.

The coloured treasure chests are also a really nice touch and so far have withstood the rigours of our gaming well.

The only argument we had was that Roo wanted to be Jolly Roger and so one of the other pirates had to guard the treasure in the middle.  It is a board game that is fun and gives a sense of adventure as players move their pirates round the island game board. Each time you land on a gold coin you can put it in your treasure chest.

However, beware as during the game you might have to give coins away to Jolly Roger or his parrot but at the end you get the chance to win their pile of coins for yourself!

Once all the coins have been taken the player with the most wins.

Roo was quick to pick up the rules, realising that when you spin the ship’s wheel (spinnaker to those official pirateers amongst us) you have to move your character the same number of spaces on the board.  Great for numeracy skills and building confidence in counting.

When I landed on Jolly Roger although there was a pouty lip as I went to pinch her treasure spoils, she soon realised that she could win the coins back and this is all about teaching children about gamesmanship.  Besides, the little plunderer I am sure was pinching coins when I had been sent to the galley to retrieve sustenance for our adventures!

The game itself is supposed to take 15 minutes to play, but due to the fact that we put on lots of silly voices and had pirate shenanigans with Jolly Roger and Polly Parrot we managed to play for nearly an hour!

Overall the game is brilliant, it is simply put together for children to understand and is perfect for the intended age group. I love the fact that it packs down into the box so is easy for taking to friends houses and that children can bring their own personality into the game whilst learning valuable number skills.

Pesky Pirates Board Game currently retails online at just over £12. Amazon have it here in stock and for the money it’s one of the best family team games we’ve played in quite some time.

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Disclaimer: for the purpose of this review we were sent one copy of Pesky Pirates from Paul Lamond Games. The views expressed in this review are my own and the photos remain the property of myself.

4 thoughts on “Pesky Pirates Board Game Review

  1. My little man loves pirates and I really want to get him into board games now that he is going to be three in November. So this would make a fantastic Christmas or birthday present. It’s a really good price too and I like the fact you extended the game through play.

  2. Any suggestions on board games to keep an almost 2 year old and an almost 3.5 year old busy together, without involving weapons, murderous implements or dirt? Thanks muchly!

    1. Hi Mallika – thanks for stopping by and commetning. Have you got some simple card games they can play like Happy Families and also Orchard Toys do some great games for younger children to play together. There are games such as Red Rover that encourage children to find colours and numbers together. Have a look here on the Orchard Toys website as you can view games by age category http://www.orchardtoys.com/games/

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