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Personalise Your Child’s Birthday

We all know that when you throw a birthday party for your little ones, or when you give them a card or a gift and unwrapping is involved – the last thing they do is look at the paper and they barely glance at the card, if not just to see if there are any treasures inside. What if the paper had their name on it and the card had their picture on it?!

Well they might still not look at it but what the hey, it’s the only fun you get as parents- thinking up ingenious ways (which the kids never notice) to make their birthday a bit more special!  So what varieties are on offer when it comes to personalised children’s wrapping paper and cards?

Personalised Cards

You can get a variety of different cards available on the market today with online companies offering personalised cards of every imaginable style, colour or theme. Rather than just picking a card off the shelf, this offers an opportunity to give someone a card that is unique to them with the option of their photo on it, a choice of printed jokes, words or anything you would like to decorate the card with (that can be printed). Put simply, it means you can give someone a homemade style, individual card without having to make it yourself.

Personalised Wrapping Paper

This fun & customizable birthday necessity is a new development on the wrapping paper scene. Coming in lots of exciting, colourful styles with popular designs, occasions, and themes, this is an easy way of making a gift that little bit more special for your child. You can pick a theme of your wrapping paper as you normally would, but it’ll then be printed with your loved one’s name.

As we say, your child will be most interested with what the presents are wrapping; that said, personalised gift wrap is a nice, inexpensive extra touch.


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