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Personalised Gifts For Mums

I have a birthday coming up, trust me Daddy E has been fully briefed on the date and it is in his calendar.  So it got me thinking as mum’s what sort of present do we love off our kids.  For me some of the best presents I get from Roo as one’s that she has personalised in some way.  I have a lovely plaque in my kitchen that she made me with her handprints on and these are gifts that have memories as well as sentimental value in.  So I hope that you don’t mind that today’s post comes from the team at Vista Print and talks about personalised gifts for mums.

Everyone appreciates a gift for their birthday or at Christmas, but receiving an unexpected present completely out of the blue has special significance. And which better person to delight with an impromptu gift than your doting Mum? She’ll be delighted to receive a token of your appreciation, besides the predictable bunch of Mother’s Day flowers – and a personalised present will ensure it’s especially memorable.

A digital photograph is all that’s needed to create a personalised gift.  You might already have a large collection of digital photos stored on your home computer, so a suitable image could be just a couple of clicks away. Don’t worry if you only have traditional print photographs to hand, however. It isn’t difficult to turn them into digital images. You might be able to do this by simply scanning the photo using a home printer, if it has a scanner option – but if it doesn’t, simply pop into a local photocopy/print shop and they’ll be happy to scan it for you.

Choose a really nice photo featuring you and your Mum. When you’ve selected a great photo (and uploaded it to your computer, if necessary), you’ll need to transfer it from your PC to the printer’s website. The website should walk you through this simple process, which usually requires only a few clicks of the mouse.

Now it’s time for the difficult part – deciding which item you’d like the photo printed on.

You’ll be surprised at the number of available options. You’re able to choose from personalised notebooks, cushions, jewellery boxes, keyrings – and even duvet covers and deckchairs! If Mum has a mobile, you’ll be able to create a personalised phone cover; if she’s a big tea drinker, personalised photo mugs can be made.

If you think Mum might feel uncomfortable reclining on a deckchair emblazoned with an image of herself (which could understandably be embarrassing when the neighbours are in the garden!), then a personalised calendar might prove a more appropriate choice.

It’s quite likely that your Mum already has a calendar hanging in the kitchen, which she uses to keep track of family birthdays and events. She’d probably love to receive a personalised replacement for that commercial, mass-produced calendar – and especially one displaying cherished family photos, which will bring back special memories every time she’s busy in the kitchen.

To create a personal calendar you’ll need to select not one, but twelve photos – a different image for every month of the year! Upload all of the images to the printer’s website, choose a suitable template from the wide number of options available, and add any personal text you’d like included on the calendar.

Then sit back – and wait for delivery of your Mum’s fantastic new photo calendar!

I know when we did a personalised photo calendar for poppop from Roo just after she was born detailing the twelve months of her life he was absolutely blown away by it.  It is something that bought a tear to his eye and he still has the calendar today in his office at home because the photos are just so special he would never throw it away.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I have received payment for this post as per the terms stated on my PR Opportunities page.  The content remains the copyright of the writer.

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  1. What is so lovely is that most children are so adept at using computers now that they can make personalised gifts that are a complete surprise! My 2 made a gorgeous photo montage for me last year, neither my husand nor me had guessed what they were up to.

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