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Persil PowerPro Dishwasher Tablets Review

Persil Power Pro Dishwasher Tablets ReviewI’m not going to lie writing about dishwasher tablets is not exciting, however I do value them as a household cleaning product.  My dishwasher is one of the best things in my kitchen after my Kenwood Chef Mixer and my Vitamix.  I would literally cry and throw a tantrum of epic proportions if it ever broke.  My mother in law until recently didn’t have a dishwasher.  Going for Sunday lunch at her house was painful.  Hours wasted on washing up.  Hands being tormented in hot scalding water.  I love my dishwasher so much I take good care of it and have only ever bought Finish dishwasher tablets to go in it.  It’s a brand I trust to always perform.

So when I was asked to try out some Persil PowerPro dishwasher tablets I didn’t know if I would like them or if they would cause me to switch brands.  Here’s the run down on the Persil PowerPro tablets.


The new Persil PowerPro dishwasher tablets feature patented Hydro Brite® action (this is not a new member of Rainbow Brite’s crew) which allows the tablets to dissolve quickly, releasing the cleaning power of Persil to provide outstanding results, even on a quick wash.

So whether you’re having a dinner party with friends or cooking a roast for the whole family, don’t worry about using every piece of crockery, cutlery or cooking tool you have. Simply pop it all in the dishwasher and the new Persil PowerPro dishwasher tablets will provide outstanding cleaning results ensuring you get your dishes clean first time, every time, even on a quick wash.  Persil PowerPro dishwasher tablets are available in two fragrances; Original and Lemon Burst for a clean, zesty fragrance.

The MRSP of the product range is below:-

  • Persil PowerPro Originals 15 = £5.25
  • Persil PowerPro Lemon Burst 15 = £5.25
  • Persil PowerPro Originals 30 = £9.30
  • Persil PowerPro Lemon Burst 30 = £9.30
  • Persil PowerPro Originals 45 = £13.50
  • Persil PowerPro Lemon Burst 45 = £13.50

I was sent both fragrances to try and opted to go with the lemon one first as we’d had fish the night before for dinner and my dishwasher was a little pongy!  A quick eco cycle at 50 degrees was all I wanted to use to see if this short cycle would use all the tablet and release it from the drawer as sometimes my Finish tablets don’t get used on the short cycle as they are chunky to break down.  The Persil PowerPro tablets are wrapped in dissolvable plastic stuff (there’s probably a technical name for it) that as soon as it touches water disintegrates to release the cleaning granules.

On opening the dishwasher after the 30 minute cycle I was greeted by super shiny plates, streak free glasses, cutlery that sparkled and a fresh smelling lemon scented dishwasher.  The short cycle had dealt well with built on grease from the fish we’d had and tea stains from cups were removed.  I was impressed.

I haven’t used the original fragrance tablets yet but based on the performance of the lemon ones I have no doubt there will be just as good.  The tablets were particularly effective on an intensive wash at getting burnt on porridge off a pan after I’d got distracted tweeting over breakfast one morning (thank you Persil!).

Persil PowerPro dishwasher tablets are available now from Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores nationwide from May onwards.


Disclaimer: I was provided with two packets of Persil PowerPro dishwasher tablets for this review.  This has not influenced by views and this post adheres to my PR Guidelines. The views expressed in it are my own and cannot be reproduced without prior permission.  Interested in getting a review, competition or guest post for your product? Contact me Charlotte Everiss for details.

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