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My Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

Homemade mother's day cardsYesterday was Mothering Sunday and my first Mother’s Day as a single parent.  Roo had been away the weekend with her dad and I was excited to have her back and my heart melted when I answered the door and there she stood in her new animal print skater dress for Tesco and red Dr Martens clutching flowers, a bag and her cards.

Her grin was wide and the words ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ burst from her lips and she couldn’t wait to get inside and show me what she had got.

I opened the cute card which she had written, and then turned to the gifts.  A beautiful bouquet of fragrant pink hyacinths in a vintage style tin basket smelt absolutely divine and she knows I love flowers.  Then there was also my gorgeous jewelled ‘Mum’ mug that I have proudly sipped coffee and tea from today.


Then it was round to my mum’s and on arrival Roo skipped off into a huddle reappearing with more presents, more cards.  This time she’d got me some gorgeous Ragdale Hall spa toiletries because apparently ‘they’re good for at the gym mummy.’

Then my cards….all three of them equally beautiful, but one stood out more than the others.  A lovely handmade card that she’d taken such care to make in secret with my mum last week when she was off school.


A beautiful flower card with petals she had taken care to colour in and using some of the lovely card crafting decorations that we had been sent by Family Investments recently which Roo has loved making creations from.  There as a huge bag of buttons, which Roo is obsessed with and she has been making lots of button collages too!


Simple gifts really are the best and Mother’s Day isn’t about razamatazz and glitz, my cards and gifts are in pride of place in our little lounge #proudmum

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