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Pelvic Floor Exercises

It might be a bit of a taboo subject, but I bet most of you who read my blog suffered with incontinence problems after pregnancy. I know when I got pregnant with Roo I put on quite a bit of weight and didn’t really get a lot of advice about pregnancy exercise and how to strengthen my pelvic muscles.  After her birth I found I began to suffer with continence issues and would often find laughing, sneezing or coughing could be embarrassing and often leave me caught short.  Thankfully I found a fantastic website that had a wealth of information and pelvic floor exercises to help strengthen my muscles and get them back to normal again so I could feel confident when out in public and with friends.

incontinence after pregnancyI never thought I would have to invest in incontinence products but it seems I am not alone in experience problems with pelvic muscles after childbirth and this is a common occurrence for many mums.  Let’s go back to basics and have an anatomy refresher lesson.  Your pelvic floor  muscles are between your legs, from your pubic bone in front to the base of your spine at the back. Imagine it like a sling. This ‘sling’ holds your bladder and urethra. It’s these muscles that let you control your bladder.  When you are pregnant the hormones, combined with the weight of your baby, mean that your pelvic floor can weaken.  The accidental leak of wee that many women experience when you laugh, sneeze, cough or exercise, is called stress incontinence. It’s one of the most common problems among new mums.

However, there are products and exercises that you can do to help minimise and eventually control the incontinence and get back to leading a normal active life.  You need to do your exercises at least three times a day and make them part of your life forever. If you stop doing the exercises your muscles can weaken and you may find that your bladder-control problems return.

The best thing about doing your pelvic floor exercises is that anyone can perform them; even if you have other illnesses or are confined to a wheelchair or bed.  They are really simple to do and not strenuous on your body. You can also do them immediately after vaginal surgery or childbirth. The only time you are advised to wait is if you have a catheter in your bladder.  You can find a wide range of incontinence products from Neen Pelvic Health as well as advice and support directly on their website.


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