I’m A Dry Athlete for Cancer Research UK

We all have something we enjoy that is a bad for us, sometimes it’s chocolate, sometimes it’s cheese.  For me it’s a glass of wine of an evening when Miss Roo has gone to bed.  It’s my one weakness.  I can pass on chocolate and I have to be in the mood for cheese but offer me a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc or a warm rich glass of Merlot and I will quite easily bite your arm off.

Cancer Research Dry Athlete CampaignHowever, this January it’s all changed as I’ve decided to support the Cancer Research Dry Athlete campaign and give up alcohol for 3o days. This is a big step for me and two days before New Year’s Eve I went food shopping and made my first conscious decision to avoid the alcohol aisle and not buy any wine.  That evening, despite feeling rotten with a chest cough, and frustrated about the bad Christmas weather keeping us indoors more than I would have liked – usually I would have reached for the corkscrew.  Instead I found myself reaching for a non-alcoholic Belvoir fruit punch and warming it on the hob to snuggle under a blanket and continue to read my Nook HD.

New Year’s Eve was spent with me and Daddy E playing Skylanders on the Wii (on the excuse we were helping level Miss Roo new Skylanders she had for Christmas, yeah right!).  Not a drop of alcohol passed our lips, and we sipped again on non-alcoholic fruit punch and a cup of coffee as we went to bed.  New Year’s Day a family meal and the perfect opportunity to slip off the log as my mum always opens a bottle of wine with dinner.  Resolve stayed strong and Daddy E and I stuck with tonic water and jazzed it up with ice and a slice.

So four days in for me and honestly am I missing a glass of wine at night?  Did I miss not waking up with a hangover on New Year’s Day?  No.

I feel clearer in my head, less bloated and my skin looks brighter.  I am not sleeping better yet  but am still hacking away with a nasty chest infection and cold and I don’t think I will rest until our extension plans are finished, but I know giving up the booze will aid a better night sleep.  Logically too this will help my bank balance not take so much of a battering as we stumble towards the January pay day that is dangled like a carrot in front of us.

The fact that I am raising money for Cancer Research UK in doing this is a bonus.  The charity does amazing work and thanks to their continued battle to kill cancer the chances of someone surviving cancer have doubled in the last 40 years.  That doesn’t mean that we can take our foot of the gas though in terms of helping fund their work and having lost 3 members of my family to cancer and know of several friends and other relatives battling with the disease for me this challenge is a great way to support the research further.

If you too are becoming a Dry Athlete with Cancer Research UK this January then I wish you the very best of luck; post below and let me know how you are doing or tweet me @themummyblogger if you feel yourself wobbling and I’ll try and keep you on the wagon.

If you’d like to donate, no matter how small, then you can follow the link to my Just Giving page where you can pledge an amount to keep me motivated for the month of January, and who knows beyond!

If you do donate – thank you from the bottom of my very empty wine glass!

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