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Parental negligence?

This hasn’t been my first visit to the USA, I’ve been lucky enough to travel here on several occasions and to different states.  It is however my first visit as a parent and to be honest there have been some seriously eye opening moments.

Things are generally bigger out here, cars can take up an entirere freeway lane, a single meal in a restaurant can serve two people easily and the sizes of food in the supermarkets is in some casesobscene.  For example does anyone actually need a 10 gallon bottle of Pepsi cola?

It seems to have a noticeable knock on effect on the size of the population.  Back home I stand out as being reasonably well rounded, out here I feel streamlined.  Days out here are regularly filled with families who have members so overweight they rely on motability carts to get around, together witoxygen oxf oxygen and that’s not to mention the shocking state of their skin often covered in dermatitis rashes or open wounds from constant rubbing.  The surprising thing is just how young some are, with lots of overweight teenagers and young children,

Adults though have a choice, they can choose whether or not they wish to live this lifestyle or change it.  Children however cannot and for me it seems like a case of either parental negligence or just lazy parenting by the family who yesterday whilst walking around Disney World chose to give their toddler and entire family bag of Lays BBQ potato chips.

These chips come in a 284g bag and one average 28g serving conatins 160 calories, 10g of fat and 85mg of salt.  Just one serving.  I watched this child robotically stuffing the chips into his face, pudgy fingers grabbing handfuls and not even finishing a mouthful before another was demolished.  In the front of his stroller was a 20oz drinking cup filled with the cola that was taking an equal battering.

The child was already chubby and showing small rolls on its stomach, legs and arms and it made me shake my head in disgust because the parents should be leading and setting examples of what is acceptable and appropriate for him to eat at this stage in his life.  They however seemed more interested in chowing down on a giant turkey leg that you can buy in  Disney and bags of candy.

It seemed that this was a trend for them as their older son, probably early teens was huge.  Waddling beside them in a Weeble still fashion, his neck alone thicker than Daddy E’s thighs and caked in dirt at the back you could see thick grey lines of sweat and dead skin.

Surely this is a form of child cruelty and neglect?  How can any parent sit there and feed their child food that is way too high in fructose syrups, saturated fat content and salt.  I rigidly try to watch what Roo eats, partly because I struggle with my weight but also because I want her to be a healthy happy child not reach 5 years old and start being bullied at school because of her body shape

This lax attitude to diet and irresponsible food parenting is one thing about the USA that I will not be encouraging when we get home next week.  I don’t understand why as a parent you would want to play a hand in creating an obese child or obese toddler, surely this isn’t love?

2 thoughts on “Parental negligence?

  1. Hi there,
    just found you by accident. Things are NOT lax here, in fact what to and how to feed your child or yourself has become mind boggling.
    I grew up in the UK, and then moved here many years ago.
    I have 2 kids.
    I miss the small bags of fabulously flavored crisps/chips from back home.
    Portions here are HUGE for most things.
    My husband has recently become VW obsessed, we have 5 cats, 2 hamsters, 5 ducks, and 5 chickens, and just planted a veggie garden in an effort to grow our own healthy food.
    I just started a blog, on writing, parenting, etc. Not a lot in there yet.
    I have no idea how to share it with you can find it by just googling loopymo.

    1. Hi and thanks for popping along to the blog. It’s great to read that you as a mum have taken a pro-active and healthy attitude to what your kids eat but I find it shocking the size of portions and the food types on offer at the major theme parks. Finding something as simple as a plain ham sandwich was laughable last week and if I asked for a plain sandwich I got incredulous looks from sandwich shops who thought I was mad. It is about educating and I do think the US has got better at this but still there is so much unhealthy choice in the supermarkets that is cheaper than healthier food and therefore many families will still go for this above growing their own or being adventurous and cooking from scratch.

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