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Pancake Day Fun with Clarks Maple Syrup and Lactofree

This week on the blog there was some great brand synergy going on when both Lactofree and Clarks Maple Syrup wrote to me asking to take part in pancake day related fun.  We love pancakes, although I admit I hate the mess, and having been chosen to be a Lactofree Ambassadairy for 2014 I was ready to take up the challenge of making delicious dairy free pancakes for me.  The team at Clarks Maple syrup set us the dilemma of #MaplevLemon in terms of pancake toppings and sent us a fantastic goodie box with lemons, sugar and of course a large bottle of Clarks Maple syrup.

Clarks Maple Syrup Pancake Day

When I picked Addy up from after school on a dark, cold rainy Tuesday to be honest the last thing I felt like doing at 6.15pm was turning the kitchen into a war zone and making pancakes but I’d promised her we would and in an effort to keep my promise I mixed up a batch of pancakes using a new recipe inspired by the Clarks Maple Syrup box of goodies.  Opting for buttermilk pancakes as I hadn’t tried them before I whizzed up a batch for Addy and she enjoyed joining in daring me to flip the pancake…I refused for fear of Daddy Pig moment (you know the episode where Daddy Pig flips the pancake and it sticks to the ceiling).  Yes I am a pancake wuss.

I used buttermilk for Addy’s pancakes and in the dry mix added cinnamon too.  The mixture was a lot thicker and lumpier than traditional pancakes but resulted in a batter that is easier to work with and makes a thicker pancake which seemed to cook more evenly.

buttermilk pancakes with Clarks maple syrup

buttermilk pancakes

dairy free pancakes

Addy was excited for her pancake and in typical kid style wanted about twenty toppings on hers as I presented her with a list of goodies that are usually forbidden; sugar, lemon, nutella, maple syrup, marshmallows, chocolate chips and cookie dough ice cream.  Not surprisingly she opted for cookie dough ice cream, lemon and sugar first time round and then a jam and maple syrup combo.  Both of which went down a treat so it was a draw in our house in the #MaplevLemon challenge on this front!

pancakes with sugar and lemon

I opted to go dairy free in my pancakes using the Lactofree skimmed milk as I am counting my calories a lot at the moment and didn’t want to miss out.  Using the same dry mix as for the American buttermilk pancakes I just substituted the buttermilk for the Lactofree milk.

Lactofree pancakes with white chocolate chips

Because these pancakes use whisked egg whites you get a fantastic bubbly fluffy pancake even without using the super rich buttermilk and using the Lactofree means I enjoy a delicious pancake without the awful stomach upset I would get from eating it made with the buttermilk.

In my pancake I opted to camp out in Team Maple and added white chocolate chips, which melted amazingly but didn’t stick to the pan as the pancakes were fluffy and thick.  Then roll the pancake drizzle with Clarks Maple Syrup and handles of superfood blueberries.


Pancakes are such a fun food to make whether you choose savoury or sweet, I wonder why we only choose to eat them on Shrove Tuesday?

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