FruitBroo Fruit Teas: Review

FruitBroo Fruit Teas Review Britain is a nation of tea lovers, there’s no doubt about it.  A walk around the local supermarket will reveal a plethora of teas on offer and although coffee has had a ‘fashionable’ research research shows that over half the nation (53 per cent) rely on a traditional cup of tea (at around 8am on average) to kick start their working day while only 35 per cent of Britons choose coffee.

I have to say I love a good strong cuppa first thing in the morning, I can’t function without it and there is hell to play if anyone disturbs that first cup of the day. For me it’s not just traditional teas either.  I love fruit teas and herbal teas, although these have taken me longer to get into and some still taste like dishwater.  Thankfully though this is not the case with the gorgeous new range of FruitBroo fruit teas that I’ve been wrapping my lips around the last ten days with much satisfaction and glee it has to be said.

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Broadband Choices

broadband choices

Recently I had to help my father sort out his broadband.  He’d been with one provider for years but for the last six month’s had continually kept getting a drop in signal, intermittent connectivity and no matter how hard he tried we couldn’t get any more than two bars of reception in certain parts of the house (even when using boosters).

He was reluctant to move, after all you hear all sorts of stories of people switching broadband providers and running into trouble, but I promised it would be painless and stress free.  Nowadays the reality is that it’s just as easy to switch your broadband in just a few clicks thanks to some pretty clever comparison sites that can give you the lowdown on line speed, bandwidth and cost per month just by ticking a few boxes.

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Return to Nim’s Island Competition

uk mummy blogger competitions

With the dark nights and cold weather keeping the kids occupied at the weekends and your nerves on a decent level can be tricky.  Thankfully though I have a lovely competition to help.

To celebrate the release of ‘Return to Nim’s Island’, out now on DVD, I am giving 5 lucky readers a chance to win a DVD of their own for all the family to enjoy as we head into Winter.

The producers of THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, and the writer and producer of the smash hit, NIM’S ISLAND, bring you the much anticipated sequel, starring Bindi Irwin, in a wild ride filled with pristine beaches, exotic animals, dastardly pirates and all of your favourite characters from the original movie. When Nim (Irwin) and her father Jack (Matthew Lillard) learn that the Buccaneer Resort Company has purchased Nim’s Island, Jack heads to the city to convince the powers-that-be that the island is worth preserving.

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Stylish Prams for City Mums

stylish prams

When you find out your pregnant it’s not long before your mind wanders to prams and what to buy your little one so that they are comfy and safe on their travels around town.  Whilst it used to be a case that comfort and safety would feature at the top of the priority list for any new parent in choosing their pram now another factor plays a part and that’s how ‘fashionable’ or ‘desirable’ a pram is and whether this will give your little fashionista street cred and extra mummy points on the school run.

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Happy Hands with Cuticura

Cuticura Handwash Review

I was recently sent some pretty grim research into the toilet habits of us Brits from the team over at Cuticura.  Here’s an advance warning, if you’re eating your lunch you might want to put it down….

1 in 10 Brits just splash and dash after using the loo and 1 in 5 don’t wash hands at all

  • 1 in 5 Brits don’t wash their hands every time they use the loo
  • Over 1 in 10 simply splash or rinse their fingers with water
  • About 40 per cent wash their hands for less than 10 seconds
  • It takes 20 seconds of washing with soap to effectively wash hands[i]
  • Men are twice as likely to wash without using soap or hand wash

1 in 5 people don’t wash their hands every time they use the toilet and 40 per cent of people wash their hands for less than 10 seconds which is half the time required to effectively kill germs, according to new research [ii].  With the average person carrying over 10 million bacteria on their hands alone, this is big news in the battle to prevent bacteria and virus spread.

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