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Last Minute Inspiration for Keeping the Kids Busy


fun kids activitiesOk most of us parents can start to breathe a little easier as most of us are a week away from the kids going back to school.  However, if your little ones are anything like Miss Roo this week they may be getting fidgety and moaning that they are bored.  After all let’s face it no matter how many activities we can come up with they always want more!

Whilst holidays are supposed to be a time for relaxing they can also be a stressful time for parents as we try to keep up with the demands of our kids and

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Keeping the Kids Fuelled for Back To School


back to school

Right now the debate in our house is packed lunches v school dinners for Miss Roo going back to school.  I can see myself easily coping with packed lunches in the early part of the week when the cupboards are plentiful after a shop at Sainsbury’s, but come the end of the week it may prove a little bit more of a challenge to cater for madam’s aversion to bread and anything other than ham or tuna!

I want to make sure that the is well fuelled though for her new journey of learning – after all starting reception is a big step in any child’s life and their brains are about to get a serious workout and they will need to have a well rounded breakfast to see them through the morning and a varied and healthy lunchtime meal.

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How To Wear Fashion Forward Trousers


how to wear patterned trousersMove over jeans – brightly patterned, harem trousers, cigarette pants and ankle grazers, whatever the form trousers for women are this year’s big thing. Statement trousers have been a great way to convert dull office attire or even wear out for evening drinks.

Here are two staple trouser styles that every woman should own to be effortlessly stylish:

Cigarette pants

Firstly, what are cigarette pants and who do they suit?

By definition: they have a narrow leg with tapering to the ankle, they usually have a flat front with a hook and bar opening and more often than not they’ll have a slight pocket detail at the back. You can get some similar ones here from Cotton Traders.

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Getting Through the School Summer Holidays


surviving the school summer holidaysIt’s nearly the end of the school summer holidays and let’s face it there will be a mix of emotions come the first week of September as some of us wave our kids off for the first time and some of us rejoice at having a little peace and quiet and being able to get household chores done.  That said the school summer holidays are a magical time, for parents where they can to spend time with their kids playing games, getting creative and having lots of fun.

Thankfully in my first proper stint as ‘working mum juggling holiday care’ the weather has been kind to Roo and I.  We’ve been able to get outside and play some fabulous outdoor games such as bubble blowing, scavenger hunts, chalking on the new patio (sorry Daddy) and building our own mini sand pit for all our Schleich animals to adventure in.

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