Family Half Term Activities


half term days out with the kids

October half term falls over Halloween this year which means there are loads of fun and frightening things to do to keep the kids entertained. But when you’ve made all the bat shaped cookies and witches hats can you handle, we’ve put together a great selection of family fun activities to keep everyone busy over the holidays.

National Space Centre


Photo credit: Danny Nicholson

The National Space Centre in Leicester has a fantastic schedule of events for the kids this half term with a great Halloween theme. If your little monsters love to get messy then they will surely enjoy learning to make their own slime!
If you don’t want to encourage any mess making though, keep things clean and dry at the ‘Planescarium Show’, a ghoulish themed guide to the galaxy, or take them to learn about the science of magic! It’s fun and educational!

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Family Travel Insurance


family travel insurance

What on earth is happening with the weather today after getting seriously drenched on the school run this morning I now read we are in for the worst winter in 100 years…. great eh! The joys of living in Britain and battling with our ever changing and petulant weather systems.  Thankfully though this winter I will not have to worry about finding my scarf and hat and a warm coat as I will be sunning myself on the sun drenched beaches of sunny California as Miss Roo and I are jetting off to LA on Boxing day to visit family.

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The Benefits of a Fitted Bedroom


fitted bedrooms

These days, bedrooms are designed to reflect personalities and give people somewhere to escape and relax – or perhaps find for a little romance. Although you still go to sleep in your room, the space can do much more, so it’s worth creating a bedroom environment that allows you to show off your style whilst still being practical and functional.

If you are the proud owner of a large bedroom, you probably don’t need to worry about storage facilities or the layout of the room. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky, particularly people living in new-build properties. The average size of bedrooms has shrank over the last couple of decades, but with more people owning more things, space and storage has become a major problem.

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The 5th Birthday That Never Was….


kids birthday partiesYesterday should have been magical, should have been another milestone.  Except it was spent attached to a bottle of Calpol and a dosing syringe with a clingy child who seemed to be practicing the art of expert whingeing.  Why should the day have been special?

Well it was Miss Roo’s 5th birthday and for three weeks or more I’d been planning the delights of a Princess Sofia Party, ordering cup cakes from Cakes by Candy, balloons and party games to amuse some of Miss Roo’s closest friends after school.

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