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Is our relationship with technology a hidden addiction?


kids addicted to technology

Technology has introduced a societal change like no other in the past couple of centuries.

New, and ever sophisticated, technology has developed at such a speed over the past few decades that children today are growing up in a world immersed with electronic devices, computers and tablets that their parents were only exposed to in adulthood. This change is so significant that experts have begun to describe each recent generation through how naturalised they are to the digital world. Marc Prensky uses the analogy of immigrants and natives to indicate just how much technology has revolutionised the world we live in. “Digital immigrants”, describes the portion of the population for whom technology ‘boomed’ in adulthood and who have had to adapt to technology as a major feature in their lives. Alternatively, “Digital natives” are the most recent generation of children who have been immersed in a technological world from birth, and for whom the use of electronic devices will come somewhat naturally with little or no need for introduction or education.

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What time of the year should you change your duvet?


getting a new duvet

Duvets should be changed as frequently as the seasons. Duvets vary in weight and the easiest way to assess the right type of duvet is to inspect its tog rating.


As the nights start to cool down but the temperatures outside still aren’t freezing, many people exchange their light 4.5 tog duvet for a heavier one, usually 10.5 tog. The term tog applies to the amount of heat that is retained as insulation for the body by the duvet. The lower the tog the cooler the duvet and conversely, the higher the number the more effective that duvet will be for cooler months. There is a large range of shop bed linen on the market that will complement your duvet so that you can rest assured that you’ll have a comfortable night.

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Figleaves Fashion for Mum’s with Curves


plus size dressesIt’s taken me nearly 5 years but finally I’ve accepted my curves, they are me, they are what makes me who I am and I’ve learned to embrace them.  The fact that my boobs are the same size as when I was pregnant whilst annoying at times has the advantage of making me feel voluptuous and it would be really great if more of the high street fashion retailers would take a leaf out of Figleaves book and create more affordable fashion for mum’s with curves, as I am absolutely in love with their new Midnight Dresses collection.

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Little Achievements


kids swimming awards

As parents we all know our kids are special.  Every day they do marvellous achievements that make us smile.  We cheer them on during wet and windy sports days, we run them to footy practice on a soggy Sunday and cry rivers of tears at their class Christmas play or ballet production.  These little achievements and moments for them define them as children and it’s a joy to see their faces light up when they see you or hear you in the crowd or when they bring you their badges and medals is something as a parent you cherish.

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