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Five Things You Didn’t Know Before You Became a Parent


becoming a parentHaving a baby is a shock to the system. Despite planning to become a parent and preparing for your child’s imminent arrival, the actual birth of your baby is such a bombshell that it might just as well have been a bolt out of the blue.

Suggesting that children create change would be something of an understatement. Parenthood is a steep and continual learning curve and with the benefit of hindsight, you can reflect sagely on your previous lack of awareness and blissful ignorance.

To help prospective parents, here are just a few of the things you didn’t know before you became a parent.

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Sweets Galore!


Retro sweet box Review

We’ve had a rather over indulgent stash of delicious sweets in our house this summer holiday thanks to the lovely people at Chocolate Buttons as we were asked to review one of their giant retro sweet hampers.  Now hard as I try to deter myself from eating them they were far too moreish and Miss Roo, Daddy E and I loved rummaging through the box to see what delights we would find.

Choosing our box was pretty tough as the selection on the website is bigger than an everlasting gobstopper!  In the sweet boxes section alone there are 17 different selections to choose from and there was a debate over what to have, with finally the marshmallow selection box being chosen.  Each of the boxes on the website is packed with 38 classic retro sweets and then you add in your ‘flagship’ sweet of choice.

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10 Minute Workout for Busy Mum’s


get fit mums

I used to love going to the gym before I got pregnant.  Before I was a mummy  I had loads of time for exercise.  In fact this funny e-card just about sums up how my exercise schedule has gone over the last 5 years….


Since Roo was born though exercise has dropped right down the to-do list and is probably filed under ‘F’ for fiction.  Trainers languish in the back of the wardrobe gathering dust and as for workout DVD’s these are too long, too complicated and require me to put my body into poses it’s not seen since I was a teenager.

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Sofia The First Talking Magical Amulet


Sofia The First Talking Amulet Review

 Admittedly Roo isn’t a massive princess fan.  She’s not into Barbie or Moxie Girls and would rather play with Transformers but one show that she does love to watch on Disney Junior is Sofia The First.  So when we were asked to review the Sofia The First Talking Magical Amulet I couldn’t wait to show her this toy to go along with the TV series.

Unfortunately on the day I chose to do this review Miss Roo was in an uncooperative mood and refused to have her picture taken with the product or let me take photos of it so I will have to try and add these at a later date (the joys of reviewing with kids!).

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