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How to Avoid the Vet’s – Top Pet Health Tips


pet insuranceWhen it comes to the expense of owning a pet, the possibility of large vet’s bills can often outweigh every other financial consideration. In the UK, we are lucky to have the NHS to fall back on if we become ill or suffer an injury, but when our pets need medical attention the costs of veterinary treatment can be considerable.

One way to reduce the likelihood of having to pay large vet bills is ensure your pet stays in the best of health and avoids accidents. Both cats and dogs can suffer horrendous injuries in collisions with cars, so it is best practice to always keep your dog on a lead when in close proximity to traffic. If possible, only let your cat out into a garden or space behind houses as opposed to letting it out of the front door that leads onto the road.

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Top Five Winter Destinations


winter sun destinationsSummer holidays might get the most column inches but sometimes a destination is made for winter. Whether it’s jetting off for some heat during the colder weather or going in search of the snowy French Alps, winter can be the ideal time to get away from it all.


You can often find great deals on winter resorts holidays at this time, partly because many flock in the summer. Check out this top five to whet your appetite for a trip with the family this winter season.

  1. Budapest – The capital of Hungary is one of the largest cities in the entire European Union and it is widely considered as a challenger for most beautiful. With an extensive list of sites marked by World Heritage, there is plenty to see. That’s before you consider the Christmas markets if you go at that time of year. From cruising the Danube to sightseeing in Buda Castle there is plenty to see and do in a memorable trip.
  2. Megeve – A small commune in south-eastern France, Megeve is supremely popular as a ski resort. Situated near Mont-Blanc in the Alps, it was initially a purpose-built resort which is now one of the most famous in the world. You have a plethora of options across the 116 lifts and 217 slopes that cover 445 kilometres. From blacks to reds to blues to greens it is a favourite of beginners but offers a range of more challenging options for the better versed. An ideal spot for the first family skiing holiday!
  3. The Canaries – Let’s be honest, some might like the cold, the snow and history but when the UK is dreary, what you’re really looking for is a bit of sun to peel off one of your fleeces! There are a lot of year-round sun destinations and the seven Canary Islands near Africa are one of our favourites. Colonised some could argue, there are a lot of expats escaping the UK full-time on the likes of Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife. With flights taking just four hours, it’s ideal for a seven-day break or longer.
  4. Bermuda – Just seven hours from London, the best time to take a trip to the Atlantic archipelago is during our cooler months. Pink beaches, clear waters and tropical – bliss. It’s distinctive by nature with typical Caribbean flair. South Shore, Horseshoe Bay and Warwick Long Bay continually take the plaudits and you can get some great packaged deals with the likes of icelolly holidays this year.
  5. Cape Verde – Last, but by no means least, is another Atlantic island. Previously a hidden gem off the coast of Senegal, it has turned into a holidaymaker’s paradise. Colonised by the Portuguese in the 15th century, independence was hard on the archipelago but it continues to develop now thanks, in part, to tourism. People come for the year-round warm climate and leave with a head full of memories, photos of diverse landscapes and rich in culture.


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Post-breakup makeover: How to reinvent yourself & face first dates


finding love onlineWe all know that break-ups can leave you with all kinds of negative feelings, such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence, exhaustion and sometimes weight gain.

Depending on how long the relationship was, you might feel like wearing only tracksuits, watching silly movies and eating lots of biscuits for some time after the split. It’s perfectly natural and it’s part of the grieving process.

Visiting Kirsty

However, there comes a time when even the most heartbroken will eventually start making tentative steps back towards dating. Here are some top tips for regaining your confidence in yourself with a fun makeover when you start meeting new people:

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It’s a bit chilly!


portable heatersGot to say waking up from the duvet was not a great experience today, the temperature in the bedroom was positively arctic and venturing into the kitchen the cold floor tiles sent shivers up my spine.  Yep, one thing was for certain autumn has definitely arrived and that means one thing – time to fire up the my trusty TJ Hughes portable heater to take the chill off the room in the early morning.  It’s not quite time to fire up the radiators in all the rooms and so this little compact heater that we purchased about 12 months ago is perfect for those mornings when it’s a bit on the chilly side!

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