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Getting Through the School Summer Holidays


surviving the school summer holidaysIt’s nearly the end of the school summer holidays and let’s face it there will be a mix of emotions come the first week of September as some of us wave our kids off for the first time and some of us rejoice at having a little peace and quiet and being able to get household chores done.  That said the school summer holidays are a magical time, for parents where they can to spend time with their kids playing games, getting creative and having lots of fun.

Thankfully in my first proper stint as ‘working mum juggling holiday care’ the weather has been kind to Roo and I.  We’ve been able to get outside and play some fabulous outdoor games such as bubble blowing, scavenger hunts, chalking on the new patio (sorry Daddy) and building our own mini sand pit for all our Schleich animals to adventure in.

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Organise A Merry Christmas….


getting organised for ChristmasSorry folks but I’ve had my Christmas head on today as we’re away over the festive period in sunny California visiting my brother.  So that’s led me to trying to be ultra organised this Christmas and how to make sure Roo still feels like she’s had a family Christmas with all the usual trimmings.

Christmas should be a time of joy, happiness and relaxation.  In reality for many mum’s and dad’s it is frenetic, chaotic and pressurised.  We try year after year to come up with something better than last year and the kids are usually on a game of who can make the biggest list which carries financial pressure.

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Five Things You Didn’t Know Before You Became a Parent


becoming a parentHaving a baby is a shock to the system. Despite planning to become a parent and preparing for your child’s imminent arrival, the actual birth of your baby is such a bombshell that it might just as well have been a bolt out of the blue.

Suggesting that children create change would be something of an understatement. Parenthood is a steep and continual learning curve and with the benefit of hindsight, you can reflect sagely on your previous lack of awareness and blissful ignorance.

To help prospective parents, here are just a few of the things you didn’t know before you became a parent.

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Sweets Galore!


Retro sweet box Review

We’ve had a rather over indulgent stash of delicious sweets in our house this summer holiday thanks to the lovely people at Chocolate Buttons as we were asked to review one of their giant retro sweet hampers.  Now hard as I try to deter myself from eating them they were far too moreish and Miss Roo, Daddy E and I loved rummaging through the box to see what delights we would find.

Choosing our box was pretty tough as the selection on the website is bigger than an everlasting gobstopper!  In the sweet boxes section alone there are 17 different selections to choose from and there was a debate over what to have, with finally the marshmallow selection box being chosen.  Each of the boxes on the website is packed with 38 classic retro sweets and then you add in your ‘flagship’ sweet of choice.

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