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Revive Yourself with Lucozade


Lucozade Revive ReviewAfter 7 weeks of juggling work, childcare and my sanity last week I was knackered.  Energy levels at a low and feeling flat and deflated, most days at 3pm I’ve been ready to put my feet up and wanting to curl up which isn’t likely to happen when I’ve got Miss Roo.  So when Lucozade wrote to me asking me if I’d be interested in reviewing their new ‘Lucozade Revive’ energy drink.

Apparently, 3pm usually signals ‘the big slump’ when we often feel like packing up and going home (or in the case of mum’s hiding in the loo and eating Dairy Milk!). Revive from Lucozade is on a mission to help the Great British workforce get through the afternoon.

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The Only Thing Streaky is My Bacon!


Karcher WV60 Window Vac ReviewI never thought I’d find domestic gadgets sexy and appealing, but as I’ve got older and come to take pride in my house I have come to appreciate gadgets that make my domestic chores a little less back breaking.  When we had our extension built we had amazing 3 metre bi fold doors put in that let so much light into our downstairs room that it’s a joy to sit in.  The downside of this is that the massive window panes take a lot of cleaning which using the usual microfibre cloths and white vinegar method are an endurance challenge. I’ve never got the knack of doing a streak-free clean and it isn’t for want of trying.

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Why I Love My Village

girly timeI grew up in the countryside as a child and have never been a city bird.  The thought of going off to university was something that didn’t appeal to me and the bright lights no matter how sparkly were never as comforting as being in a small town.  Now all grown up (apparently) we live in a little village where out shops are a butchers, a bakers, a chemist, a tiny co-op and a few hairdressers.

We have a good fish and chip shop which makes for a cracking Friday night supper when the batteries have gone and there’s an average slightly dilapidated park that manages to amuse Miss Roo when she is bouncing off the walls at home.  There isn’t a pub as such or anywhere to go for a girly night out but there are bigger towns close by for those rare nights when mummy does go out to play.

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Beautiful Colouring Pens from Faber-Castell


Faber-Castell Pens ReviewMy dream when I was a child growing up was eventually to have my own stationery shop, the kind that sold beautiful pens, pencils and papers of all the colours of the rainbow.  I loved to draw and would spend hours in my room colouring, sketching and painting.  Every time my dad used to go away on trips I would love it when he returned with beautiful boxes of pencils for me to enjoy and there was something mesmerising at seeing all the rainbow colours in their box lined up.  Thankfully Roo has developed a love of colouring too.  It took some time, but now the two of sit together and can colour pictures, draw stories and paint our adventures.  It is lovely too that she’s been building her own collection of pencils and pens too, which this week were bolstered substantial with some beautiful colouring pens from Faber-Castell, as well as their chunky crayons, click together paints and very clever ergonomic grip first writers pencil.

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