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Post-breakup makeover: How to reinvent yourself & face first dates


finding love onlineWe all know that break-ups can leave you with all kinds of negative feelings, such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence, exhaustion and sometimes weight gain.

Depending on how long the relationship was, you might feel like wearing only tracksuits, watching silly movies and eating lots of biscuits for some time after the split. It’s perfectly natural and it’s part of the grieving process.

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However, there comes a time when even the most heartbroken will eventually start making tentative steps back towards dating. Here are some top tips for regaining your confidence in yourself with a fun makeover when you start meeting new people:

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It’s a bit chilly!


portable heatersGot to say waking up from the duvet was not a great experience today, the temperature in the bedroom was positively arctic and venturing into the kitchen the cold floor tiles sent shivers up my spine.  Yep, one thing was for certain autumn has definitely arrived and that means one thing – time to fire up the my trusty TJ Hughes portable heater to take the chill off the room in the early morning.  It’s not quite time to fire up the radiators in all the rooms and so this little compact heater that we purchased about 12 months ago is perfect for those mornings when it’s a bit on the chilly side!

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Brantano School Shoes


Brantano School ShoesWhen Roo headed back to school last week I was pretty glad I’d left the buying of the school shoes to the last minute as she’d gone up half a size since her original fitting at the start of August. Whilst most of her winter dresses still fitted her from last term I was pretty sure she’d need new shoes. The other thing I was pleased about was the excellent service and price savings I got when we headed to our local Brantano store for this year’s school shoes. It is important to me to get properly fitted shoes to make sure they don’t damage the kids feet and that they are comfy. Roo has very wide feet and to be honest none of the shoes in the supermarkets are any good for her and she’s always been a Clarks and Startrite kid.

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Travelling in Style with the Diono Monterey 2 Booster


Child Booster Seat ReviewsWe use our car a lot with Miss Roo and have always tried to get the safest, comfiest car seat possible for her since she was born.  Now at nearly 5 she’s been in a forward facing seat for nearly 2 years and her booster for a year.  It has to be said her booster that we had got was not the comfiest of booster seats with a fairly hard base and no arm rests and so when we were asked to review the Diono Monterey 2 booster seat which has one several parenting awards I was looking forward to something a bit more plush for her to travel around in.  It wasn’t a brand I knew but having bought several non big name brands in recent years this didn’t put me off and I was impressed by the safety ratings and awards it had won – clearly the guys at Diono know what they are doing.

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