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Childhood Memories


family memoriesIn an era where technological development seems to move at the speed of light, the recent past has never seemed so distant. Curiously, this means that even people born in the early 1990s have childhood memories that make even 20 years ago seem like a long-lost golden age.

A world where we still had seasonal weather that made sense, where the internet was a curio you might have heard of in passing, but was essentially mysterious to all but a few IT geeks. This was also perhaps the last era in which you might have received actual handwritten letters from friends or relatives among your paper utility bills.

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New Boots for Autumn


kids clarks bootsEvery year I buy myself a new pair of boots, it’s been a religion for as long as I can remember.  In my youth when I was skinnier and didn’t have dodgy knees my favourite pair were a skyscraper pair of knee length patent platform boots that I used to dance for hours in whilst parading around Birmingham’s night clubs famous podiums – yes I spent most of my youth as a GoGo dancer and Saturday night’s were never dull.

Now though my boots are flatter and more demure and suitable for legging it at 3:20pm when I realise I’ve forgotten about the school pick up!  That said I bought myself a pair of skin tight over the knee boots last year and these have been brilliant and always get commented on when I wear them out as I did today on the school run.

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Schleich Ice Elves Review


Schleich Ice Elves ReviewReaders of the blog will know of Miss Roo’s love of her Schleich animals. Since she was about two she’s been gradually collecting various animals and if we’re out and about and pass a toy shop it usually results in a trip inside to find out what they’ve got and can she add to the collection.

However, we have never ventured down the path that is the fantasy characters for Schleich (although I’d have loved to as I do have a thing for fairies and elves finding them mystical) so I couldn’t have been happier when we were asked to review the Schleich Ice Elves Sleigh playset.

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Thought For The Day


A little new thing for the blog a thought for the day.  This may be parenting related or it may just be something that I’ve seen that has struck a chord with me.  Today I was searching for quotes about what it’s like to be a parent and I found this.

To me this sums of parenting perfectly your children are so so precious and never let them go to bed without knowing or feeling that.

treasure your children