Modern car, modern mummy


family cars

These days, it’s safe to say that most people drive. If you have children and are raising a family this is probably even more likely as struggling with prams and buggies on public transport is less than ideal.

Family life revolves around the car a lot of the time – from school runs and extra-curricular clubs to family holidays and the weekly food shop, the car is almost in constant use. With this in mind, how do you pick the right car for you? When family matters are concerned, there are a few aspects you need to consider.

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Espresso or Latte? How to Make the Perfect Coffee to Start Your Day


the joys of coffee

Several years ago, if you wanted to drink a high quality coffee, your best bet would have been to head into your nearest town and into your local, independent coffee shop.

As good quality coffee has risen dramatically in popularity, so too has the option to drink coffee at home.

Today’s coffee machines are quite spectacular; not only can they be easily plumbed in, but they will offer you a wide range of options, all of which can be made at the flick or a switch or the touch of a button.

Here, we walk you through the process of making your perfect morning coffee.

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Funny Things and Kids Growing Up


kids growing up

Kids are funny things; their innocence endearing.  They say things as they see it and often drop some absolute clangers at the wrong moment.  This week Roo has been on top form spouting fonts of knowledge and saying things that have amused me and made me smile inwardly.

First off has to be our fun and games in the bath the other night which meant jumping on my tummy, wobbling my boobs and shouting ‘will I get huge boobs like you mummy and will they have squashy middle bits!’

Trying to keep a straight face and explain about growing up has to have been one of my best parenting moments of recent weeks.

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What’s New in London for Children?


things to do in london with the kids

London is a city with no shortage of things to do for the most fickle members of society – kids! Anyone would assume that a trip to the museums in South Kensington would give the kids enough to talk about for months to come. Unfortunately, the truth is that they probably won’t really want to go and see the same old museums every time you make a trip to the city.

It helps to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in London. The good news is that it’s the perfect place for parents to take their kids to, as there is an abundance of exciting new activities each month for your little ones to get involved in.

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