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Essential Driving Tips for Older Children


driving tips for older children

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Safety has to be the top priority during that worrying couple of years when our children are first learning to drive. If it wasn’t for the insurance premiums, we’d all have our kids driving indestructible SUVs.

The good news is that a safer vehicle could be cheaper to insure your child on, because the insurance company is less likely to have to pay out for injury claims in the event of an accident.

But be wary, although a higher Euro NCAP rating will generally mean a safer car (and therefore lower premium), a lot of modern vehicles are designed to perform well in the safety tests, but won’t necessarily hold up in a real life accident. So make sure to do some extensive research before coming to a decision.

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The Doctor Will See You Now…


Doc McStuffins Toys ReviewIf like Miss Roo your kids are into doctors, nurses and fixing things and you have Disney Junior on your television then you’ve probably got fans of the hit TV show Doc McStuffins.  In case you haven’t seen this adorable and brilliant show, Dottie ‘Doc’ McStuffins, a six year old girl, ‘fixes’ toys, with a little help from her stuffed animal friends, Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly.

As with most television shows there is now a range of Doc McStuffins toys for children to play with, and help Doc McStuffins bring her toys to life.  We were kindly sent the Doc McStuffins Magic Talking Checkup Set. The set is just like the characters on the show and contains everything Doc McStuffins needs to run her clinic, and two little creatures for her to make better. Place Lambie & Stuffy on the check up table to magically hear them talk!

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Top Tips For Buying Nursery Furniture


top tips for buying nursery furnitureIf you are expecting a baby, you probably want to equip the baby’s nursery with quality furnishings from a reputable furniture maker, such as Gallipette. However, choosing the best furnishings can be quite stressful and overwhelming, especially if you are dealing with various constraints, such as time, space, and budget constraints. However, you can significantly simplify the task by taking one step at a time. Here are some simple tips that can help you to choose the right nursery furniture for your new baby.

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Our Tesco #LoveEveryMouthful Challenge


the traditional sunday roastTwo weekends ago we attempted a mammoth DIY session at home of re-sealing showers, painting bedrooms and sanding skirting.  These are jobs we’re not very good at and usually enlist the help of my dad as he is good at this sort of stuff. All of the family coming over was a perfect opportunity to indulge my love of food and take part in the Tesco #LoveEveryMouthful challenge as part of some food research they had carried out.

Not surprisingly (or not to me anyway) the UK is a nation of food lovers and having sampled 2000 UK parents the UK’s most foodie cities are Southampton, Liverpool, Plymouth, Brighton and London.  As a Brummie my home town didn’t make the list but a whopping 72% of mums and dads from Birmingham say they love to cook and 58% spend more than 30 minutes cooking an evening meal and only 6% use a microwave for the main family meal.  Even better still the top dish loved by Birmingham families was the classic roast dinner which in itself is a pretty inexpensive easy meal that you can feed a family with two days running.

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