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How to Maximise Storage in any Child’s Bedroom


storage in kids bedroomsChildren – they are forever leaving their toys out, meaning that Mum and Dad are always the ones who have to tidy up after them. Plus, if your child has quite a small size bedroom, you may find that there simply isn’t enough room to put away their extensive collection of toys – resulting in your child’s bedroom looking constantly cluttered as well as messy. Luckily, due to the demand for versatile storage in the home, there are actually plenty of ways that you can make the most of any bedroom size – here are a few of our favourite storage ideas:

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Winter Brights For Your Wardrobe


J W Anderson on Avenue32.comThere’s something comforting about wearing black, whilst many consider it boring for me it’s a colour I feel comfortable in, with the right cut and shape it is very flattering but recently having gone through my wardrobe I was aware of just how much black I actually have….and let’s just say it was way too much!

If I had a funeral to go to every week I’d be well set for outfits, but the reality is I don’t and I do like my clothes to reflect my fun slightly frivolous personality.  My shoes do and I have a hankering for crazy shoes and regularly indulge my love on the Irregular Choice website for an instant virtual pick me up.  So in an attempt to brighten my wardrobe I do what any mum with too much time on her hands does – hit the internet and browse her favourite online stores.  In this case my indulgence of pleasure yesterday was the J.W. Anderson collection on, which is a total hidden gem of a website for splurge purchases.

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How Well Travelled Are You?


Jet2HolidaysI rarely play those online quiz games, they annoy me and I hate it when friends send me requests on Facebook to rescue their watermelons or feed their sheep.  However, there is something to be said for a bit of trivia and stretching the old grey matter every now and again and so I have to say I admit to having been playing the Jet2holidays Plane Game today and testing my knowledge of all things travel related.

I pride myself in being pretty well travelled, I’ve been to most countries around the world and been lucky to have several holidays abroad each year since I was a child.  Miss Roo is equally well travelled and her favourite memories are of her first ice cream in France at the polo club and also our recent visit to Club La Costa in the Costa Del Sol.

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Childhood Memories


family memoriesIn an era where technological development seems to move at the speed of light, the recent past has never seemed so distant. Curiously, this means that even people born in the early 1990s have childhood memories that make even 20 years ago seem like a long-lost golden age.

A world where we still had seasonal weather that made sense, where the internet was a curio you might have heard of in passing, but was essentially mysterious to all but a few IT geeks. This was also perhaps the last era in which you might have received actual handwritten letters from friends or relatives among your paper utility bills.

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