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Christening Gift Guide


christening giftsIf you’ve got a newborn in the family and they’ve got a special day coming up, chances are you’ll want to get them a gift to welcome them into the world and help the parents out with all the things a baby needs for a great start in life. Buying toys or baby clothes online can be a great way to ensure you get something helpful and adorable for your loved one’s newborn, but there are some do’s and don’ts to be observed by thoughtful gift-givers:


While there’s a common misconception that you can have too many clothes for your newborn baby, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As cute as they are, the huge amount of weeing, pooing and throwing up alone is enough to tear through clean clothes at a rate no washing machine can keep up with. Add growing out of things to the equation and you soon realise it’s not the amount of clothes that’s the problem, it’s how long they are useful for. While there are certainly plenty of adorable newborn items available, George’s range of baby clothes online has got plenty for the later months, and buying ahead will help a newborns parents out far more in the long run.

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When’s the Right Time to Give Your Child their Own Bank Account?

kids and saving

kids savings accountsHaving a child for the first time is a bit of life changing experience (now there’s an understatement). You’ve got to change your way of thinking and acclimatise to the daunting but exhilarating responsibility of nurturing and raising a tiny human being. Of course, with this comes all kinds of challenges: how can you make sure your child does their best in school? How do you ensure they eat a nutritional and balanced diet? Will they socialise well with other children? These are questions that all parents have to ask themselves.

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Gorgeous Ballet Flats


Ballet flat pumpsIt’s that time of year when all things sparkly and gorgeous hit the shops.  Everywhere on the high street there is party wear galore, dresses covered in sequins, stunning lingerie and sky scraper heels that look gorgeous but have zero practicality other than for sitting and looking and pretty. 

I have a weakness for heels but due to bad knees rarely wear them as it is most likely to end in disaster and a trip to A&E with a dislocated knee cap…again.  So quite often I look for ballet flats and pumps to make a signature statement with my outfit and this year I have been on a trek to find some to go with some gorgeous cigarette pants I’ve got from Zara for Christmas Day this year.

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Beauty Triumphs with Braun…

Braun Skin Spa

beauty must havesI’m super excited to be heading down to London next Friday for a bit of an indulgent treat with my friends at Braun and being part of their #Braunmetime pamper event.  With all the changes at MBHQ right now it’s become pretty important to look after myself and make sure I am firing on all cylinders.

So I admit I’ve stepped up my beauty regime to not only look my best for prospective suitors but also because at this time of year it’s easy to slip into bad habits and forget to look after and nourish ourselves and our bodies.

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