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Travelling in Style with the Diono Monterey 2 Booster


Child Booster Seat ReviewsWe use our car a lot with Miss Roo and have always tried to get the safest, comfiest car seat possible for her since she was born.  Now at nearly 5 she’s been in a forward facing seat for nearly 2 years and her booster for a year.  It has to be said her booster that we had got was not the comfiest of booster seats with a fairly hard base and no arm rests and so when we were asked to review the Diono Monterey 2 booster seat which has one several parenting awards I was looking forward to something a bit more plush for her to travel around in.  It wasn’t a brand I knew but having bought several non big name brands in recent years this didn’t put me off and I was impressed by the safety ratings and awards it had won – clearly the guys at Diono know what they are doing.

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Wildlife Vet In Training


World Wildlife Fund Toys

Anyone who knows Miss Roo knows she has a love of animals.  We have cats and fish at home and she’s been bought up around animals since she was born.  Her favourite toys are her Schleich animals and the collection of these grows and grows every time we visit the local toy store and she will literally play imaginary games for hours with them.

Her love of animals doesn’t stop there though.  She will happily watch the nature programmes on Eden HD on Sky.  Anything about big cats or marine animals has her hooked.  I remember being much the same at her age.  Animals fascinated me and on a recent trip to Wales for our family holiday she sat reading National Geographic Kids and learning all about the different cultures and animals on our planet.  In the magazine Roo saw an advert to help adopt and protect a snow leopard – she asked me what this was for.  I told that her unfortunately snow leopards are endangered now and there aren’t many left in the wild because unfortunately we keep destroying where they like to live and also people hunt them for fur or medicine which is wrong.  This obviously made her sad but she announced that for her birthday she’d like to adopt a snow leopard and help to save them.

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Overnight Oats…Power Food for Busy Mum’s


overnight oats

There’s one thing that the kids going back to or starting school means and that is it’s my cue to get seriously organised at home.

Out comes the Mum’s Office planner and my trusty pen to jot down where we are all supposed to be, what time and where.  The meal planner makes a return so that I am not faffing around cooking lots of different dinners and wasting food.  The shopping list reminder gets pinned the fridge to remind me of what I actually NEED rather than what I THINK I need on the weekly shop and the fridge begins to get covered in a plethora of notices.  One thing I never get organised about though is remembering to eat breakfast.

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Saving Money with LED Bulbs


LED bulbs

Let’s face it the cost of living isn’t getting any cheaper.  Each week the food bill creeps up a little bit more and it is now a strategic mission going food shopping at the end of the week.  My Friday dash sees me nail three different stores; Lidl for the wine, Aldi for 70% of my shop and Sainsburys for my bread and specialist bits.  We continue to make cut backs and have just had a new pump fitted to our gas and water system that will improve our household bills and this month we also made another step to saving money by introducing LED bulbs into some of our household lights.

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