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Home Improvements – Research Your DIY


home renovations and financesMaking improvements to your home is usually motivated by a desire to improve your quality of life, add value to the property or even both. Any improvement that makes your property easier and more enjoyable to live in should ideally add value too – but it is important to remember that home improvements that are a matter of taste could actually decrease the value of your property or make it much harder to sell. So before you go for a garish new paint job (or similar project), consider whether you are planning to put the house on the market any time soon and whether you’ll be willing to repaint in order to get a good price when you do.

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The Joys of IVF


IVF Fertility ClinicsThere’s nothing better than getting amazing news from a friend.  Not only is it a delight to see their face light up as they tell you a secret but is also lovely to be chosen to share their moment of joy with them.  Recently this happened to me as a friend who I’ve known on and off for years chose to reveal to me that she is pregnant with her partner’s child.

Whilst news of any pregnancy is great to hear for this couple it was particularly poignant as they had been struggling for sometime to conceive naturally and had recently gone for their second attempt at IVF fertility treatment with Create Health, and which they had agreed would be their last if it didn’t work as the cost is pretty expensive for them and they’ve both struggled to come to terms with a previous failed attempt from an emotional perspective.

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Arts & Craft Fun for Halloween


hobbycraftI turfed out the arts and crafts box last week; it seriously needed doing.  Odds and sods of string, dried up glue, half used pots of crusty paint and some rather forlorn bits and bobs from previous crafting sessions all went straight into a black bag of shame.  Problem was come the end of this cathartic clearing out session Miss Roo’s craft box was decidedly empty and with half term and Halloween on the horizon I knew it was time to re-stock our supplies if only to preserve my sanity on the windy autumn days ahead.

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tiredness after schoolIt’s been lovely taking Roo to school the last week or so; seeing her getting back into the swing of things with her friends and yes the routine kicking back in as I am very much a routine queen and Roo thrives on it.  She’s gone off pretty  much every day happy and apart from a few tantrums over my attempts to let her try school dinners we’ve had no major parenting hiccups this last week.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed though with her is the tiredness in going from doing half a day schooling to a full day, and whilst she’s one of the oldest in the class when I pick her up at 3:20 pm you can see the batteries are running on empty and she has been only two happy to have some quiet time with me watching a movie or playing on the Wii.

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