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Loving Jessica GELeration Nails


Jessica GELeration nailsI admit it, I like to look good and even when the bank balance is looking a little unhealthy I refuse to cut back on my little treats.  Why? Because looking good gives me confidence, makes me feel good and we all know when we feel good we can achieve so much more.

Beauty treatments are my indulgence and I love to have my nails done.  Last year I had an obsession with extensions but in reality these really do damage your nails and as a long term solution for me they don’t work. So when I discovered Jessica GELeration at my salon recently I had to give it a shot.

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Get Baking for Bramley Apple Week


Bramley Apple receipesThis week is Bramley Apple Week and The Bramley Apple campaign have released this video that includes four sweet and two savoury recipes for you try out – they look delicious and are incredibly easy to prepare.

Bramley Apple’s for me are the ONLY apple to cook with and make the perfect apple pie filling and my grandma was renowned for making some of the most amazing pastry for a traditional apple pie.

What’s more, they are asking home cooks to share Bramley recipes with their own unique twist on the Bramley Apple Facebook page. Recipes can be sweet or savoury with an emphasis on favourites such as crumbles and pies made special or presented in an unusual way. Budding cooks are given free creative control, with the only criteria being that Bramley apples must play a starring role in the recipe.

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The #Lose2Stone Challenge


Virgin Active Health ClubTwo weeks ago I found myself in the foyer at my local Virgin Active health club.  This was a pretty alien place to me.  For someone who has had issues with her body weight and the way she looks the thought of exercising in a gym surrounded by testosterone fuelled men and perfect body footballers wives is usually enough to send me running for the hills.

However, I’d made myself and someone a promise.  That by the summer of this year when the kids finish school I will be 2 stone lighter and I will be wearing that bikini that I so crave. I will be walking proud on a beautiful beach somewhere and I will LOVE my body and my confidence will be high.

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Sky Dancers – The Toy That Doesn’t Fly….


Regular readers of the blog will know that Miss Roo has a total aversion to dolls….seriously if anyone buys her a doll you are added to the ‘list of shame’ and I have lost count of the number of Barbies and other character dolls bought that lie untouched forlornly in toy boxes.  Roo is more likely to dismantle their perfect plastic bodies and reattach their limbs to an alternative doll akin to Sid in the original Toy Story movie than play tea parties with them.

So when we were invited to review the latest kids doll craze Sky Dancers I wasn’t sure how they would go down.

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