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Could A Click Make Your 2014 Great!


online bingoWe’re just over two weeks into January 2014 and so many of us have made (and let’s be honest already broken) our New Year’s resolutions.  We all have good intentions of how we can be better every time a new year rolls round, what changes we will make to have a better year and a bizarre new idea for healthy eating or exercise.  In reality though many of us give up by the middle of the month and lapse back into our old ways.

I for example promised I’d spend less time on Facebook…yeah right, that’s not happening so far and I keep getting distracted by adverts to win prizes, play games and go shopping online.  If like me you’re spending too much time on Facebook or online then you might want to consider heading over to 888ladies.com and dip your toe in a bit of bingo as they currently have two fabulous games that could win you £1.2K or some tasty monthly cash bundles.

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Walking The Dating Game Path at 35….


online datingRoo and I are slowly getting into a routine of ‘just the two of us’ since deciding to separate from her Dad back in September.  It’s lovely that we’ve found a new school that we can be at in ten minutes from the house, we have a much more relaxed morning now and a lot less stressful.

Monday to Thursday we get our time together, we do things after school, games, craft or movie time and I hope to be able to invite a few friends for tea soon.  Then on a Friday Roo trots off to see her Dad for the weekend and they get to spend time together and keep that bond that is so important.  For me this is my time to see friends, go out, meet new people – it’s good to have this and I enjoy it.

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Give Two Fingers to Nasty Chemical Cleaners


non toxic cleaning productsIt’s funny but before I had Roo I didn’t really pay that much attention to what I used to clean the house.  I would buy whatever was on offer or promised to make my kitchen and bathroom gleam.  The minute though I had kids in the house I became much more aware of the toxic chemicals and nasties in many household cleaning products and moved towards more eco and green based cleaners – which actually do a much better job.

And now there’s a new player in the world of non-hazardous cleaning products with the arrives of Two Fingers.  Everyone recognises that we live in an environment that is constantly under threat from the things we pump into our skies, bury in our land and pour into our rivers and oceans – and everyone knows that we need to change.   At Two Fingers their whole approach is about protecting the environment by preserving precious resources, respecting the need to conserve, and doing everything possible to minimise the impact of excessive packaging, transport and distribution.

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Kick Some Habits Save Some Cash


how much could you save in 2014Doesn’t sound like too bad an idea in principle does it?  New year, new resolutions, new promises to change lots of things.  But have you ever really considered how much you could save just by kicking out some of your bad habits that maybe put too much of a strain on your pennies?

For me I have little habits that on the surface don’t seem to eat into my weekly budget. A coffee every time I pop into town from Costa at under £3 surely doesn’t add up to much, but if that coffee happens three times a week that’s £9 a week. Then there’s my penchant for beauty buys and grabbing a new lippy, with Brits spending on average £10 a week on beauty products this habit for keeping pretty mounts up.

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