My Word for 2014


an outlook for 2014Everyone always makes resolutions but in reality how many of us actually stick with them. It’s harder to break something than to make something so for 2014 I am doing more of what I did in 2013 because it worked pretty well for me.

However what I am doing is adopting a word. One word that for 2014 I will apply to all aspects of my life. That word is….

indulgeSo whether that’s indulging myself in some ‘me time’ to make sure my batteries are topped up to continue to be a good mum to Miss Roo, or indulging those who I care about with my company, a shoulder to cry on a person to hug or an ear to listen, or indulging my daughter with my time and my love I think this word sums up that life is there to be enjoyed and to get the most out of it sometimes you need to completely give your all to something.

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Foodie Indulgence at A-Frame


where to eat in Santa MonicaI love food, whether it’s cooking or eating I get a real pleasure out of both and love trying new tastes, dining with friends and finding places a little bit different.  Last night was a total foodie indulgence night as my Aunty Wade (my sister in law) headed out in a taxi down to one of her favourite places to eat in the Santa Monica area A-Frame.

Situated out in Culver City this restaurant describes itself as Korean-Fusion food….not a term I am familiar with or have indeed tried but I was told that the ‘ribs were awesome and like nothing back in the UK’.  A-Frame is the brainchild of Roy Choi and prides itself on being a laid back eating house where food comes first and egos stay in the car park.  It’s simple unpretentious decor, long wooden benches, simple tables and cute vintage tin can plates make it clear that dining at A-Frame is about making it a ‘friendly affair’ and getting people back to that spirit of plate sharing dishes and mixing it up with their menu choices.

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Winter Sun in the Canary Isles


Having spent the last two weeks out here in gorgeously sunny, laid back California I can honestly say that a bit of Winter sun does wonders for recharging the batteries and making you feel good, plus it’s a great way to avoid the horrendous rain and cold back in Blighty!

Making the long trek though across the ocean to California though is a bit far for many and somewhere that is a great winter sun destination and much closer to home is Tenerife. With great resorts on offer like Las Canteras Beach the Canary Islands is a great destination for family holidays and is a perfect jet-away for some rest and relaxation.

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MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Blush Review


MAC Cosmetics ReviewI am going to put my hand up and admit to being a virgin….a MAC Cosmetics virgin.  I’ve been using make-up since I could tie my own shoe laces but have never added this hugely popular brand to my make-up box.

However, I recently started following the gorgeous Georgina over on the Fairy Gobmother beauty blog (check out her blog if you don’t already know the website) and she had been given some gorgeous MAC Cosmetics mineralize blush by her sister.

MAC-cosmetics-logoIn her photos the blusher gave a subtle glow and healthy sheen to her cheeks and it looked a really nice lightweight blush compared to the creme Bourjois blusher I’d been using this summer which had made my cheeks a little dry the last few weeks.

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