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Disney’s Frozen: Movie Review


Disney Frozen Movie ReviewNo one does animated movies quite like Disney and particularly when it comes to princesses, magical stories and fairytale endings.  With classic Disney princesses immortalised by many little girls, Roo has her favourites; Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Merida from Brave and Sofia the First most parents who have a girl will no doubt have many of the dress up costumes in the play-box.

So with so many favourites is there any room for a new princess on the block?  Well the animators at Disney clearly think so (as no doubt did the marketing department when they saw the $$$ signs on this one) as we have a new addition to the line up with the release of the new animated musical movie ‘Frozen‘.  If you haven’t seen the trailers let me indulge you….

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Win A Remote Control Robot


uk mummy blogger competitionsLet’s face it Christmas is a busy stressful time for us parents and an extra pair of hands around the place wouldn’t go amiss.  If we’re not Christmas shopping we’re baking, wrapping presents or preventing the kids from finding their gifts and somedays I wistfully wonder what it would be like to have a robot helper….

Well you can wonder no more in my latest brilliant Christmas giveaway as the team over at Paramountzone have given me a prize that could just take away all the stress of organising Christmas…or at the very least provide some much needed amusement for the kids (or dad!).

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WIN A Limited Edition Copy of Gary Barlow’s New Album “Since I Saw You Last”


uk mummy blogger competitionsOk time for a little admission on the blog….my guilty crush of late has to be the gorgeous Gary Barlow.  This is one man who I first lusted over as a dizzy sparkly eyed teenager when he graced and strutted across the stage in Take That.  I was never a Robbie or Mark fan both were too cocky and ‘pretty boy’ and it was ‘Charlotte 4 Gary’  that was scrawled all over my notebooks.

As Gary has ‘matured’ he’s become seriously hot both in his looks, the way he now dresses and his music is pretty darn good too (I have inserted a suitable visual reminder of just how dishy he now is as a little helper….)

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Beautiful Children’s Furniture


children's furnitureOne thing I am loving as Roo gets older is that her tastes are changing, becoming more grown up and she’s beginning to put her imprint on her own things. Nowhere is this more true than her bedroom.

Now we’re currently split between two houses but recently we started looking at beds for Roo as she’d outgrown my old bed of 30 odd years and we wanted to get her a little bit special.  On a recent shopping trip around The Trafford Centre Roo had seen a children’s mid sleeper bed in one of the stores and she loved the fact that this style of bed gave her the option to make dens underneath, create secret game spaces for her and her toys and also by going up the ladder each night was like a little adventure.

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