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Win a Pink Lining Changing Bag

pink lining yummy mummy bag

uk mummy blogger competitionsThere are those items you lust after when you are pregnant, they become must have items that you simply have to own. One items that comes up again and again with my pregnant friends is Pink Lining Changing Bags.

Now I have to admit I didn’t have one when I was pregnant 5 years ago.  I simply couldn’t afford it and made do with a rather dull changing bag that whilst practical was terribly dull and dreary and not at all made from the beautiful vintage and eclectic fabrics that the Pink Lining changing bags come in.  To this day I still lust after one as a general handbag as they are so multi-functional they are useful long after your little ones have outgrown changing bags.

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Beautiful Christmas Flowers


beautiful christmas flowersThere’s something about flowers that instantly can brighten a room, lift your mood and make someone smile.  I love to receive them and equally love to send them as gifts.  There is so much choice for ordering flowers online that it can be a minefield of where to go and who to trust to deliver your heartfelt message at that special time of year.

For me in particular sending flowers at Christmas to friends across the UK is the perfect way to let them know I am thinking of them.  With many of my blogger friends being too far away to simply jump in the car and send a card this year some of them will receive a little Christmas bouquet from me to say thank you for being amazing and my rocks of support.

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A Wild Gift for Christmas from WWF


WWF Big Cat AdoptionIt’s easy with the spirit of Christmas to get carried away on buying lots and lots of toys for the kids.  I am as guilty as anyone in this and struggle to know where to draw the line. Come Christmas Day there will be neon wrapping paper everywhere, oodles of boxes than I can use for craft activities littering the floor and no doubt my father snoring in the chair.

No matter how hard we try kids don’t really take in everything they get at Christmas and before you know it toys gather dust, lie unloved under the bed (queue Toy Story ‘When Someone Loved Me‘ music) and you curse yourself at getting sucked into the latest ‘must have’ kids item.

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EAST Clothing Review


East Clothing ReviewThere’s no doubt that there are perks to being a blogger, when I started writing over five years ago this wasn’t how it worked.  My blog for me was an outlet online for me to express myself, to rant on my soapbox, to moan to the world and to stop bending the ear of my family.  They used to joke that at least if I was blogging I wasn’t nagging.

As my blog and my social following grew and the world of social media changed so did the way that brands and PR’s chose to work with respected bloggers.  Today like many good bloggers and writers my inbox is inundated daily with requests to work together, and it’s lovely when a good PR takes the time to make the effort and really engage with me through my blog.

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